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best app for buying and keeping crypto in Nigeria

 Are you looking for the best app to keep your cryptocurrency assest then this article will guide you on which app to keep your cryptocurrency safely.

Due to CBN's rules there are some people who have been worried how and where to keep their cryptocurrency asset without been collected by Interferer from them.

Before we start going into the app you can use to buy and keep crypto let look into what cryptocurrency is. Crypto is another word means secret, and the currency to the crypto makes it a secret coin that can not be showcase. Let get started.


Luno is a very secured app for keeping cryptocurrency and it has a great security that doesn't allow unknown person to take away your cryptocurrency assest.

This app is an app that cryptocurrency take away people stay away from due to its tight security and with this app you can buy different types of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other good and popular  coin.

Luno In another way is tgat you can never take away cryptocurrency that isn't yours because they usually accept verification of ID card and you can taken down if you try to be playing truckish if people assest and it can lead to a case you will taken up to legally.


Quidax is one the best platform to get your cryptocurrency and safe then properly and it allows many forms if cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB and much more without the need for premium membership or add-ons before you can start enjoying their services.

Quidax is available in app and web and you can reach out to them in their official website where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency without any restrictions. You can also get their service though app and you can get it on the Google play store and iOS app store and enjoy good service.

Quidax has been known for their well known services and their undeniable I the best app for keeping your crypto asset witkiut any restrictions.

Bundle Africa

Bundle app has been ine the most reliable app to get your cryptocurrency without any restrictions and strict rules.

Bundle Africa only offers the sales if I ly popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular coins, bundle Africa has been the most reliable app for getting and keeping your cryptocurrency assest without any problem.

Bundle Africa is undoubtedly one the best website to get your cryptocurrency because their payment gateway is a great payment methods that favours Nigerian's that you can use it to buy crypto with your Nigerian credit or debit card and you can also use a bank transfer.


Roqqu is also one the best coin keeping app to keep your asset and coins.

Roqqu is a new website that has been delivering a better service that is tailored towards your customers satisfaction and roqqu has been a great app with mobile friendly layout, user friendly and good layout for the app.

Roqqu is the best app to keep all sort of cryptocurrency no matter the worth and popularity of the cryptocurrency it just require you to paste the cryptocurrency contact address to start keeping the cryptocurrency.


Remitano is a great app for trading coins such as Bitcoin and other popular app, it is developed by remitano company, Inc.

Remitano is a great app for trading cryptocurrency asset without any restrictions and problem.

You can buy any type of cryptocurrency asset with a secured and reliable payment gateway with no issues of fraud or payment  issues.


Binance us the most reliable trading platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency without any form of disturbance.

Binance is truly the best trading app in Nigeria and africa at large due it's juicy features and best among other country for trading cryptocurrency.

Binance allows you to buy cryptocurrency without any disturbance just with your bank transfer, ATM deposit and many other reliable option for their users and it is very where their users are making payment with ease, there is no doubt they are the best platform to buy Bitcoin.

Binance also allows the selling of cryptocurrency and all other coins, binance took its customers problem into their consideration so they build a wall on their official platform where user can sell their cryptocurrency without any restrictions and it is called P2P area of trading.

P2P trading is trading your cryptocurrency peer to peer to their fellow trader in the app, this way of selling cryptocurrency is one the safest way to sell or buy your coins because there is an escrow service on the platform which doesn't allow you to get scammed.

Peer to peer trading doesn't require the upgrade of membership or available to some users only but the good news amo g it is that the service is available for everyone and you can use the service unlimitedly.

Trust wallet

Trust wallet is one the best wallet used globally to trade different type of cryptocurrency and tokens.

Trust wallet is the best platform to start buying and keeping tokens and cryptocurrency and when a company uses or launch a new cryptocurrency you will be able to get it and trade in the trust wallet.

Trading on trust wallet doesn't require much or no skills to start trading regardless if the tokens and coins you want to buy.

Trust wallet is not good for some people who can't keep records because trust wallet uses a word set from trust wallet to be your login information.

If you forget the words for your authentication then to login will be a problem and you will actually loses all access to the cryptocurrency you kept in the wallet so while you open a trust wallet account make sure you screenshot and save the words in your file svaing app like drive but be sure you aren't saving the screenshot in a place where other people will have access to it and trade your cryptocurrency without your consent.


This app mentioned above are picked to tailored users requirements and we are not partnership with the above company.


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