300 Payment Methods to Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin Pay Using Paxful's 300 Payment Methods

Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcion Pay Using Paxful 300 Payment Methods
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Paxful is a universal online wallet.
On Paxful you buy bitcoin directly from other people to add money to your Paxful Wallet. It’s a listing service like Craigslist or Backpage. Sellers list their ads to sell you Bitcoin. They let you pay for the bitcoin in different ways, some take gift cards, others let you use PayPal, debit cards, and bank transfers. They take a fee to get you your bitcoins fast and privately. This is called P2P or Peer to Peer.

This allows a paxful user's to have access to over hundreds of offers and more ways to pay even for people that don’t have a bank account. More than 300 payment methods. PayPal, Amazon Gift cards etc.

  • How much you pay depends on who you buy from. It isn’t 1 to 1 because sellers charge a fee to convert your gift card or cash into bitcoin.
  • Paxful doesn’t charge you any fees for buying bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin

  1. If you want to get some bitcoin then your first choice is how you want to pay for it. This determines the price, speed, and privacy you can get it for. Decide how you want to pay for the bitcoin and search.
  2. Once you find a deal you like you start a trade with the seller. You’ll be in a live chat with them and they will tell you how to pay them. visit paxful website for Step by Step instructions for getting your first Bitcoin and a video.
  3. Once you pay they release the bitcoins directly from escrow to your Paxful wallet. You can now spend the money anywhere that accepts bitcoin.


Websites that accept bitcoin include:



Paxful’s wallet use bitcoin. Bitcoin makes sending money as easy as sending an email. Just be sure to secure your wallet with 2FA.

If you want to start your own business Selling Bitcoin you can earn a profit and build a loyal base of customers right with Paxful website.


Paxful is the best place to buy bitcoins instantly. They have up to 300 offers, please visit paxful select one of the payment option groups to see more ways to buy bitcoin

  • Gift cards
  • Cash deposits
  • Online transfers
  • Debit/credit cards


For more information on How Does Paxful work,  Visit Paxful Website

Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin Pay Using One of This 300 payment methods:


  1. iTunes Gift Card 
  2. Amazon Gift Card 
  3. Bank Transfers 
  4. Western Union 
  5. Steam Wallet Gift Card 
  6. PayPal 
  7. Skrill 
  8. Cash deposit to Bank 
  9. Nigeria Bank Transfers 
  10. MoneyGram 
  11. PlayStation Network Gift Card 
  12. Cash in Person 
  13. OneVanilla VISA/MasterCard Gift Card 
  14. Walmart Gift Card 
  15. eBay Gift Card 
  16. Neteller 
  17. Serve to Serve Account Transfer 
  18. Vanilla VISA Gift Card 
  19. Google Play Gift Card 
  20. Best Buy Gift Card 
  21. ANY Credit/Debit Card 
  22. Payoneer 
  23. Bluebird American Express 
  24. Perfect Money 
  25. Ethereum ETH 
  26. Zelle Pay 
  27. Xbox Gift Card 
  28. VISA Gift Card 
  29. Paytm Online Wallet 
  30. Walmart Visa Gift Card 
  31. Alipay 
  32. Target Gift Card 
  33. Bitcoin Cash BCC/BCH 
  34. Apple Gift Card 
  35. ANY VISA MasterCard AmEx Gift Card 
  36. IMPS Transfer 
  37. Google Wallet 
  38. MasterCard Gift Card 
  39. Litecoin LTC 
  40. VISA Credit/Debit Card 
  41. Paysafecard 
  42. American Express Gift Card 
  43. Square Cash 
  44. Netspend Web Transfer FlashPay 
  45. Target VISA Gift Card 
  46. GameStop Gift Card 
  47. Gift Cards 
  48. Amazon Wishlist 
  49. GreenDot Card2Card Transfer 
  50. ANY Gift Card Code 
  51. RIA Money Transfers 
  52. Macy's Gift Card 
  53. Gift Card 
  54. MoneyPak and Much More.


For more information on How Does Paxful work,  Visit Paxful website support

If you have used this paxful website share your experience or if you have any question please ask.

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