app to trade gift cards in Nigeria

best app to buy and redeem your gift cards in Nigeria

In today's topics I will going through how to sell your gift card in Nigeria and accept payment in Naira.

Gift cards are cards used to surprise your loved ones and make them happy, and it is only available in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Gift cards are of value and who receive the gift cards can use to buy things, load some app and some other option, the app is not for African countries so we have trouble working or operating the gift cards because it is not meant for us.

The online way to sell your gift cards is to give some people that are into gift card selling and buying business in Africa and there are many out there that allows you to sell gift card with them.

African have relatives abroad and who give them some gift cards so they can redeem it for cash and use the money so I will list one the best all for selling and redeeming your gift cards.


This is one the best app to exchange your gift card for your local currency and cash out it to your bank account straight without any person helping you in cashing it out for you.

Kingcards buys all sort of gift cards but every gift cards has different vakue so the price varies from each other.

Kingcards is safe trading your gift cards with because they are safe and secured in trading your gift cards with and they are very fast in confirming your gift cards and pay you very fast without any restrictions and the actions doesn't take up to 20 minutes before you get your money to your bank account.


Patricia is one the best app to trade your gift cards and they are known for their relevant service and best service rendered towards their clients.

Patricia is a company that is developed by Patricia inc in ikeja, Lagos and their service as been one of the smooth business doing online be because they use an automated tools to scan and confirm your gift  cards and they are also using an automated tools to confirm payment so trading with Patricia is very safe and reliable and they don't only offer redeeming your gift cards with them but they also sell gift cards.

If you are planning to start selling your giftcard you can start using Patricia and you can contact them through their app and official website.


 Cardtonic is undoubtedly one if the best app to trade your gift cards with and they are amazing while doing transaction with them because they are very fast while delivering their service.

Cardtonic is not only app for selling or redeeming your gift cards but you can also sell your cryptocurrency and buy from cardtonic.

Cardtonic offers one the best service in the giftcard business with distinct compliment and reviews about them, cardtonic is a pnace to sell your gift card and get your money without any disturbance and it is also automated.


As the name suggest gift cards to naira, they are a Nigerian company to buy your gift cards with distinct offers for you.

This company is very essential if you are also into giftcard business because they strictly based in gift cards and make sure their service are offered to their clients.

Gift cards to naira is an app that can be used by Nigeria only to trade their gift cards, if you are a user that You are not a Nigerian and you don't have Nigeria bank information to receive then you can leave this comla y because they deals with Nigeria only.

Quex exchange

Quex exchange is a Nigerian company that allows you to exchange your digital asset to your local currency.

Quex exchange is a platform that is 100 percent reliable and secured that treat your transaction safely.

Quex exchange all is the best because they uses human to check and go over transaction so if you are trading with Quex exchange because the humans reviewing your transaction will make sure there is no error and avoid having issues while trading with them.

Quex exchange process payment immediately after your transaction has been confirmed and yiu will receive your payment immediately. 

While using Quex exchange and you have an issues while using them you can contact them through their customers support page to contact their customers support. Their customers support are super  and reply to issues immediately.

Card vest

Card best is one the best carding platform that deals with any card stuff and they are strictly for cards alone and their service have been a superb deals.

Card vest has been reviewed in the best platform to trade your gift cards and receive your payment Instantly without having any issues while trading.


Tbay us the best place to trade your gift cards with many features that makes the transaction go safely and secured.

Tbay took their customers into all what their doing so they make sure they offer what will make their customers like the trading the gift card with them.

They make sure their app are mibike friendly and very simple to use even for a begginner and first time user, and they design the website to be user friendly, their app contains all user friendly and responsive that are good to people without any thing happen or been stranded.


Abexpay is a best company for trading gift cards and toh can trade all types of gift cards with them and recieve your payment immediately.

Abexpay is the best app to trade your gift cards, abexpay have been In existence in the gift card business and without having issues.

Abexpay have build their reputation with their customers and their customers can speak for them in the business without them explaining due to their good reviews on their reputation.

Abexpay customers support is one the best customer support among the business because they treat all issues their customers are facing as Important and take action and follow up with issue until it resolved.


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