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Looking forward on what smartphone to buy and wondering which specifications and features it must have to enjoy the period using it then this guides is very crucial in telling you all what you need to start purchasing the best mobile phone.

If you have to buy a mobile phone that won't be issue to you all what you have to do is follow these guides carefully and watch out buying the best phones.

Choose your operating system

One of the best and essential part to do first is to choose your operating system. An operating system is what the mobile phone is operating in and make it works.

There are two types of operating system which is:

  1. Android
  2. Apple (Iphone)


This is an operating system created by google and it is the most popular operating system with about 60 percent of phone's operating on Android, android is the operating system company like Tecno, Infinix, Samsung and Oppo.

Android is very cheap to get but there some brands that are not cheap and compete with apple phone which is Samsung, if you wish to have a quality better android phone then you can go for Samsung phones.

Android operating systems allows you to have fun, entertainment, play games around and download apps from the google playstore and watch all other things by google and other brand company.


Android are not very secured and guarantee the security because it has a less conduct security that doesn't have backup and make other security option.

So in all the below explanation we will be using the both operating system to explain and gives reason.


 Camera is another great option to watch out for while thinking to purchase a new mobile phone and we all know but don't rather buy camera but uses their phone to take pictures and videos so if you want to buy a phone make sure you are choosing the best that align with the phone well.

Android phones camera is not as clear as the other operating system but here are some which are clear and very good for taking pictures which are the higher version and new models.

Iphones are very good for taking pictures and  have a large variety of picture option that is the main reason why people cherish using the iphone that any other type of operating system in the world. It's doesn't mean that their new version alone have good cameras but all their in general has a good camera.

If you want to buy a phone you can choose the camera that fit your requirements and budget.


When buying a buying a mobile phone you have to know which size for your want and the size of people wants and needs differs from each another.

Some people like phone to be locket size and should be very minimum amd these set of people will not be comfortable while holding or using bigger phone and likewise.

There are three types of size which are the mini size, medium size and Maximum size

The minimum size is the type of phone's that are very small and portable and most are pocket size which can be used along with us while doing our every activities.

Medium size is the type of size that is not too big and not too small and these type of phone is one the popular size of most phones so you can choose this if you like this types of phone's because they are very good in watching films, playing games and streaming unlike the mini size.

Maximum size are the type of size that are big and are very large and can't be able to take along everywhere die to nit size and these types of device is used majorly to watch films and play games.

Battery capacity

Battery capacity is another and most important part while buying a mobile phone and we all know that the battery capacity determine how long your phone's will work so due to this cases you have to make sure you are choosing the right choice of mobile phone.

Android phone are very durable and string and it has large battery capacity to go more longer that many other operating system phones.

Android phone is the most well know  strongest battery operating phones and they are not very fast while charging then due to their capacity and power.

Apple phones battery are not strong and are very weak so if you want to use an apple phone you have to make sure you have any means of charging it because it get runs down quickly.

For you to have to use iphone regular you have to have a power bank or an electricity power extension so try to make sure you are buying the best devices.


Storage is another option to source for while buying a new device or phone and storage of a device is simply the space where you can store or save your phone's data which are songs, video and many other file.

There are two types of storage which are RAM and ROM


This part determine how fast your phone will be and how sluggishly it will works so make sure you buying nothing less than 2gb RAM.


Most Android phone don't have much space so if you trying to work on more space you can still purchase an Android phone because it has a SD card port for you to use external storage device to store items.

Apple phones don't any options to use a SD card so if you have to make sure you are choosing correctly and not choosing the wrong product because when you run out of space there is no how you can go about it and you will have to get a new phone to store more files or delete some of your old files.


Once you know the full Specifications of which phones you want to buy so you can conclude by deciding what amount of cash you want to spend to get the phones and these will determine the quality of your phone. Once you know the price you want to spend these will let you know your worth and what you are capable of buying and this will make you research more in the type of .k ike phkne you want to buy.


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