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7 Apps you can use to start buying and selling in Nigeria

In today's article we are going to talk about app you can use to start buying and selling in Nigeria without any restrictions.

Nowadays we humans can't do without performing marketing each day of our lives so I will walking you through app you can use to buy and sell on it also.

Digital marketing is taking over now and we need to perform a transaction each day as a humans because it is very necessary for us an we can start selling our product while buying.

As you spend you have to find a way to get more Money so you can balance the equation and if you can't balance that then you start getting poor, so we are going to assist you achieve your goals of selling by telling the apps to sell you product, follow te article well as we list the product.


Jiji is one the popular marketplace for connecting buyer and seller together to start making transaction and getting their product and cash without any problem.

Jiji has been in existence since and they are very reliable and trustworthy, thousands of transaction has been made with jiji without any form of issues, so if you are trying or thinking of making transaction on Jiji you can go on.

You can buy on Jiji and sell at the same time without any premium tools or tolls required all you need is to register in their app and website, you can download their app on google playstore and IOS app store or visit and start buying and selling on Jiji.

Jiji is been known for higher value of service so you cannot only sell new product on jiji, you can also sell fairly used or used product on jiji and make sales.

While using Jiji you don't need much stress, all you need is search for product and get it delivered to you if you want to buy, and if you want to sell, you upload the prodigal and it description and It's image. Jiji is very safe for making transaction and make sure you are not making transaction outside their official app or website.


Olist Is best known for their service and good offers for their clients.

Olist is the best app if you want to say buying and selling on the digital ecosystem and it is not a new app with less review, Olist has many reviews and compliment.

If you want to stay selling your product an service then you can choose Olist as your source if selling and you need no special attention to get started. All you have ti do is to register on their official app and website.

People have been making living with Olist and you can also start making living by selling your product on Olist and there are been many success stories in their social media official page and on their website also.


Konga is the best place to sell any kind of product an service online without any restrictions.

Konga is very expert in the ecosystem of selling and buying and they have so much reputation and review due to their esteem service delivered while dealing wotbtet customers and transaction.

Cars and automobiles haveĀ  even one the popular goods that people sells on Kinga and konga handles delivery f product and collect a fees of each product sold nd delivered but they are best in dealing with transaction.

If you have a fairly used cars or automobile theĀ  you can sell them on Konga an make your money from it an you don't need to used advertisement to start selling your product.

Konga handles most of the transaction and make sure you made sale fin the product you uploaded so they can get their fees and same as yours.


Ebay is one the popular online marketplace and it has a fast raising potential of sales of high quality goods and offer the best service to their merchant.

Ebay Is the best to buy your electronics, automobile and other goods and services, they have a good offer for their customers who purshase goods from them by giving them offers and coupon

If you the type of person who likes shopping online and the company fees to too much for you can try Ebay, they have good sweepstake such as free delivery for their customers to aby where you are in the world.

If you have your prodigal and you will like to sell on Ebay, you can apply for their merchant program so you will be able to start selling your product and start tracking sales of your goods.

Ebay offers doesn't only ends in buying in selling they offer gift to their users by performing some activities, so you can start earning by joining their referral program and start cashing out for each person you refer to Ebay to buy product

As a merchant that deals with so much types of transaction and product marketing you don't need to spend more on advertisement as you can also advertise on ebay which they will help you promote your product and make more sales and the best thing is that they are very reliable and fast in promoting product at an affordable rates.

Campus Mall Nigeria

Campus Mall Nigeria as the name suggest, the program is for scholars a d student who want to buy cheap product and sell their product also on their free platform.

Campus Mall Nigeria is a Nigerian platform for student to support student to make more cash to support their education and buy cheap things to save more money for their education.

Campus Mall Nigeria is a great platform withany offers, mobile friendly and user friendly layout that allows student to sell their product and teach sakes and cash out their earning.

Campus Mall is a platform that is dedicated for student so the times and amount you can cash out is not limited and you can start receiving the cash of your sold product immediately and they don't charge fees.

Campus Mall Nigeria customers support is very great that they help student while having issue on their platform


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