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how to charge your android phone faster

Charging your fast is not as simple as plugging your phone but with these articles you can start charging your phone fast some trick we are going to share with you.

Charging some days has took some people hours to charge their android phone to full stage and we are here to help you with some tips to start charging fast.

Turn on Airplane mode

Turning on your airplane mode minimised your mobile network and save up your battery and increase your charging rate becuse you have minimised the mobile network working in background and in turns charge your phone fast.

Turning off don't means all your apps will stop working but only your phone, mobile network and message will stop working in background because these apps always run in background to receive immediate action.

Higher quality adapter

High quality charger with boost the way your charging rate goes and  The minimum charging Hz shouldn't be less than DC5V-2.1A, anything less than this is not recommend and you should know that your phone won't charge fast.

Adapters is the bigger part of a charger which is the the plug connected to the socket and brings in light to the phone so getting a high quality charger depends the rate it output powers from the sockets.

Getting a high quality adapter is not should be difficult ad you can get it from online stores and electronic store, the chargers that is made with your phone is always the best for your phone because it is made specially made for your phone.

Higher quality USB cord

Higher quality cords while charging your fast matters alot because the quality of a USB cord depends how it takes power from your adapters.

Every cord has its input rates and output rates, the Input rates means hiw much power it can withdraw from  the adapter and the output rate is the amount of power it can put yo the mobile device. 

Getting a quality cord is not a difficult task as you can get at the appropriate quarters and a quality cord is always cost than fake cord, when you want to buy cord make sure the cord you are buying are thick because wuality cords are thicker be because it contain more wires than low quality cord.

Wall socket

Using wall socket bosst the charging of your phone by 25% than charging with other channels.

While charging with your laptop and other channels to charge your ohone their output rate is very low and may cause your phone not to charge fast.

While charging try to use wall socket or it's extension to charge your phone because it charge your phone faster than any other source.

Wall socket could be wall extension like wall adaptors and make sure the wall extension you are buying output rate is more than 5 because that is one the requirements for a fast charging socket.

Off your phone

Try to off your while charging your phone because it is very important and necessary with many reasons.

When you off your phone it turn off your system background app and all it's features that will make your phone charge about 15% faster than switching your phone on. Background apps are app that are on always which delivers it duty in time and it is always activeand standby because there might be need for it on the phone any time.

Another reasons to off your phone is that your phone notification will be turned off and we all know that your system notification is always turn off both for devices and app and there is no way you can turn off your phone notification.

App notifications is majorly turned in for most of your apps so they can give you notification about what going in the app and to turned some off is not possible and the only way to turn off the notification is to switch off your phone.

When you off your phone it quit the screen display and that is major consumer of batteries and when it is turned off there is a probability of charging your phone than normal. And we all know that if the large battery consumer is turned off then it will smoothens the work of the phone.

Avoid wireless charger

Wireless charger are less conduct of lithium batteries and lithium batteries are mostly used for most phones be ause it is the best for phones batteries.

Wireless charger might be great due to its convenience and easy to use to charge your phone's due to its wireless charging and can be used at your convenience.

Wireless charger is very bad for charging your phone's because it has low quality wires and low quantity of wires and it may leads to low charging of your phone's.

Always try to use wired charger because it is very essential for charging phones and another reasons is that it spoils your phone's easily.

Tricks to charge your phone's faster

Charging your phone faster has some tricks which are hidden and today am going to unhiden all to you. 

Before you can start learning to start charging your faster then you should have make sure you follow the above mentioned to charge your phone faster, if you haven't followed the above requirements so it can speed the process of the charging.

Before you can start boosting the speed process of your phone the  you have to do three steps.

  1. Become a developer
  2. Activate USB debugg mode
  3. Activate it for charging

Become a developer

In order to start becoming a developer you have to activate it through the settings, every phone developers option is not yet activated so you will have to activate it by double tapping your build number in your about phone option in the settings.

Once you tap your build number you will be required to enter your phone password or pattern if you have one then it will tell you you have become a developer.

Activate USB debugg

Once you enter the developer options then you scroll to the bottom, you will see an options to turn in the USB debugg mode.

Activate it for charging

You will have to scroll down to the bottom once more then you will see the option for USB debugg mode then you change it to charging.

Once you do the following then your phone will start charging fast that normal.



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