start online business from home

how to start online business from home

Starting a business right from home is not a big deal or something too much to start in Nigeria there are some jobs you can do right from your home without much stress and huge capital follow these article to get business to do from the comfort of your home.

Clothing business

It very obvious that cloth has been  one of the most essential items of human materials and people like rocking cloths so it is very profitable to go into clothing business.

Clothing doesn't requires huge capital to startup as you can start importing cloths or buy from wholesalers and resell to who want to use it directly.

Before you can start this business you have to make sure you have a very conducive environment and where to store your products.


Freelancing is the best way to monetise your skills online and it has been a good digger for many people.

It is not a must you learn a skill before you start earning as a freelancer, you can teach what you can do perfectly such as cooking, excerise amd many more.

You can start freelancing for free without paying any fee with Fiverr, upwork, freelancers and many other freelancing website but Fiverr and upwork has been the most popular and best freelancing platform with top notch security.

Teach online

Teaching people what you know and what you are expert in is a great way to earn from home, teaching online is a virtual means of teaching just like teachers teaching students the subject they are expert in and been paid their salary, that how online tutor goes.

You don't need much capital or requirements to able to teach online, you just need a computer or smartphone, internet and a teaching platform like zoom but people now uses WhatsApp groups to teach people, so you have to make sure where you want to teach us secured so people that don't pay won't get access to it, you can move to higher level like udemy to teach but you have to have gain experience before going into it.

You don't need a complex skill before you can start training people you can train people on computer, coding, and many more.

Publish a book

This is one of the most uncommon and lucrative business to start from your house, you don't need much capital to or much skills to start making money.

Those who love writting such as stories, drama,prose, and peoms can start selling their writting without hawking it around or distributing to bookshop before they start earning.

You can start writting and publishing and start making money with amazon kindle publishing, and many other platform but amazon is for who wants to earn in dollars and want to sell to people particularly in the Europe while is a home based company for african to sell your books at the enjoyment of your house and start making money with it.

Start a blog

Starting a blog where you share updates about a particular niche is also a great alternative of making money at home.

You can start a blog with the google blogger that cost nothing but a bit complex or with wordpress which made everything easier.

You can get your domain and hosting and set up your blog at a range of 20k and start sharing updates on it such as news, finance, and many more.

There are many ways to monetise a blog which includes placing ads in your blog, this has been one of the most effective way to monetise which .oat website uses.

You don't need much capital to start a blog business all what you need is effort and some patience.


The word influencing means urging people to perform some exercise as means of money, in order to be a successful influencer you need to have a tons of followers in you social media page mostly instagram.

Influencing doesn't include much capital or skills what you have to do is promote people products, people will start paying you if they find out you have a tons of followers in instagram which they will be interested to place an ads on your profile and when you are been paid you job is to promote and make sure your followers are following the product. You can run a giveaway to get the product and stand a chance to win to get them active, you can also sell your own product and influence people to patronize youor promote an affiliate where you get commission for every single sales made.

Home-made product

 Creating a home made product is a great way to make money from home and you don't need much capital or skills to start producing.


You can start producing product and sell right from your house this doesn't require much stress or capital as you can start producing product such as bead, jewelry and many other product that can make sales and generate income.

You get a distributor you willgive your product to help you sell so as to read h more potential customers and income.

 Building apps and website

Building apps and website can be a great way to earn and generates more incomes, all you have to do is learn developing and start building your apps and website and you can resell or monetise it.

These is a very great way for people who wants to double their income and particularly those who want to earn in dollars and pounds, so to start developing your app and website you need  basic programming skills so you can start coding your website and app.

There are many ways  to earn from creating apps and website which includes selling in your website or app, placing advertisement on your apps or sites, sponsored post also is a way  y promoting small business in your business for potential profit.

Before you can start earning with theses skills you have to learn a programming language for both of them each, which includes html, css, javascript,  java as they are the manor programming language for developing apps and website.


These guides is for educational purposes if you have any suggestions or complain  regarding this article you can leave below in the comments section.


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