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best ways to persuade your clients

Every business owners must all learn how to be persuasive to their clients, being  persuasive is the act to being able to confuse your customers to buy a product from you and that your product is the solution to their problem, once that is done there are some algorithm which favours and persuade your customers alone which are your content, description and images used.

With the above mentioned there is a probability of 50% that your customers will buy your product and to there are some features you have to implement to boost their system to buy whatever you sell.

Your product should be a problem solver

Your product have to be your clients solution to their problem and while creating your product always let it be a higher quality that will last long with your customers.

Always know you customers taste, for example you know about 90% of your customers like sneakers and 10% like slippers and you have capital to buy only 100 product and you now buy 90 slippers and 10 sneakers then you know you won't sell it, you are supposed to buy 90 sneakers and 10 slippers then you have a chances of selling all your product.

Always sell what your customers like and prefer but before you can start doing that getting customer you have to target them well.

Treat your customers like a king

Treating your customers like a king is another part of persuading your customer to always buy their product from you. When you treat them well and respect them then they will be happy to buy from you next time.

Many business owners  thinks this part is not necessary but it is! Because your customers are human being like you and all human like to be respected and all business owners have to have this in mind that without customers there won't be sales and that won't move the business to the next step.

While treating you customers like a king try not to be rude while communicating with them, that is why you have to employ who is nice and caring as your customers support personnel. 

Even while your customers are on the wrong side try to bring them down and explain to them not fighting them, once you try to calm the clients down and explain why the customers need to know, the customers will be sorry and apologize and like buy from you next time.

Exceed all expectations

Always surprise your customers while they purchase your goods and services and let them be wow! Always try to surprise them in all ways because that strengthen their like for you.


While surprising your customers your customers support must be intact and been able to follow up with clients problem and take it like theirs.

If they need help in using your product always try to explain fully to them follow up if they were able to get it and use it.

Another solution is surprising your customers by selling the best products when your customers buy the best product and found out it solves their problem when next they need any product and you usually sells it they will surely come back and ask for it and if you don't have the particular one they ask for they can wait for you to help them get it.

Be loyal

Try to always to be loyal to your client and don't deceit in any thinking won't know or observe but you think won't observe but there might be one day they will later observe it might that will reveal it to them.

And you know once they found out you are deceiving them and cheating them some clients might take it up to you, and you might face it, so try to be loyal to your clients.

Don't fall your customer

Always try to take your stand while dealing with your customers because try not to take advantage of them and fail them in any way.

Always try to deal with your customers with trust and loyalty because client like their seller or where they buy from should be loyal to them.

I see no reason why you should take advantage of them because you already make your own profit so don't involve In this act at all as it spoils trust and relationship with your customers.

Offers and compliment

Try to give your customers offers and compliment such as discount and coupon as this make them like you and buy from you.

Try to give badges and awards to your customers like best buyers of the year and give them some gift or discount for some period of time.

Some company offers free shipping to some people they want to give offers and and this will expire within a period of time, they will give their customers time to use this coupon before it expires so customers try to use their coupon and buy your product so as to enjoy their offers.

Most company do this during the festive season of the year like Christmas and many more and ask them to buy during that period if time and use coupons like 'Christmas' so people will start buying from you and much sale will come in.

Some company also do black friday which there will be some percent off from the price of some product and people will rush in and start buying and from that they like your product that will be your regular customer.

Update your application

If you are one who use website and application to sell your product try to update your app with new styles and many other features to your app.

Once you start to roll out new update try to make it user friendly and responsive, people will start using your app since it has awesome andany features. They will start buying and this will boost your sake because they will be able to purchase directly from their mobile phone and PC.


This above guide is a proven ways to persuade your customers to be your regular clients and buy from you time to time.


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