business ideas for ladies

business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

It so obvious that many women are looking for a side hustle to do at the comfort of their home but don't know how and where to start, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about working from home as a lady.

Unemployment rate in Nigeria is very high and it is increasing day by day, many people were fired from their business and it has leads to poverty to many families in Nigeria and many people are willing to work but don't know the full details, I will drop the full works or business you can do as women and earn six figures from it.


Childcare has been one of the most lucrative business for ladies in Nigeria especially in the citi5 and urban area of Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and many more.

Those above cities are the most urban area of Nigeria and it has been a busy area where people who are educated and lucky worked, so it has been a place to start a day care business where you look after their child and you will be paid based on commission and agreement.

This jobs can also be done in any other place apart from the above city, but you have to make sure you in a place where people works and a urban area.

Hair stylist

Hair stylist has been also a great job to earn as a lady, you have to be good in this skill in order to be able to start this business.

This business needs some capital to start up,but it is a great way to earn as a ladies, as a hair stylist, you have to be in the social presence where people will see you and patronize you, and these can be achieved by opening a shop inan urban areas which cost a lot to startup.

You don't have to have a shop before you become a hair stylist, someone people who are rich and are ready to invest in hair stylisting business buy and setup a hair stylist shop with equipment setup and employ a hair stylist to work there and deliver some amount of money based on period of time.


Catering job is one the popular lucrative business for ladies, this skills doesn't require a must to learn to able to be a caterrer, you can be successful caterer if you knows how to cook then you can start a business as a caterrer.

Caterer job is one of the business that is popular in Nigeria because they are always needed in high demand because Nigerians see food as one of the most important.

You don't need to much capital to start up this business as you can start up as a small chop caterer and you can be employed in a hotel, restaurant or a bar to prepare food and chops for them based on monthly salary or you sell to them directly.


Event planning

Event planning is one of the best and lucrative business for ladies in Nigeria,  what they have to do is set up and plan how a party is going to go well.

The business doesn't require capital to start but creativity and connection,you have to use your creativity to create beautiful decorations in the party and connection in the other hand is needed because you don't know all people doing a party so you can contact some agent or company maybe who sells party items to direct people to you for their event planning.

When doing a event planner make sure you keeps assumption and be trustworthy, do things in accordance for another day purpose and to win more customers.

Fashion design

Fashion designing is one the best job for ladies, we are in a generation where everybody wants to look good and rocks different attires.

Fashion designing might not be complicated as you think it is, you can start by sewing your traditional cloth attire in grand style, trust me you going to make it big with this business if you know your way around it.

In order to becomes a fashion designer you have to have a tailoring skill and you can learn this skill in a range of 8-12 months and be an expert.


(FMCG)Fast moving consumer goods distribution

This business is not common and it is one of the best job to do as a lady, it requires no skills and low capital.

FMCG distribution simply means distributing moving goods that people are not aware of but are interested in to them.

FMCG require no high capital neither it is a business that is risky, if you are a FMCG distributor what you have to do is go to companies that have good products and buy them at cheap and discounted rate and takes to a place where people who like it will buy it from you and you can be a wholesaler even starting a business with low capital.

Social media management

Social media has been the most popular and best way where company shows off their products, offers, and many more and it has been a office place of individual who sells and a channel where people show off their talent for recognition.

As we all knows the benefits of social media,many doesn't know how to acquire many followers and audience to follow up with their business, and this is where many makes thousands of money by just helping people increasing their followers and reaches.

And many people earn six figures with this business especially those who understands the algorithm and how those social media works.

You don't need capital or any special skills to start earning from this skill.this job is also easy because people around you are social media user and all of them wants more followers and likes in their profile so they employ you to help them and you make money from that.


This guides is a proving ways to earn from side hustling as a lady in business and these guides is for educating ladies to lift them out of poverty, so if one don't work for you, try another and find a way around it, you will surely get a desired result


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