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Best coding app for Android

In today's article we are going to talk about the best programming app you can use to code, debug, compile on Android phone.

Many are in a situation of a dilemma of not having money to get themselves a laptop and they aspire to learn coding either for fun, business, and personal purpose. If you fall in these categories of learning coding but no personal computer to get started then go through this article well as it contains all part to make you start coding.

Before you can start wishing to learn coding you ought to have learn coding either physically or go into online course to learn coding. If you have a knowledge of coding such as HTML, CSS and you don't have a computer or you have some fault with it then I will drop the best app follow the article well.

  1. Code editor
  2. Acode
  3. Quickedit text
  4. Quoda
  5. Atom
  6. Anwritter

Let delve into giving it's importance and feature so you can check the one that tailored your wish.

  1. Code editor

Code editor by Rhythm Software is a great app for coding, this app is user friendly,mobile friendly that allow user to do some important roles while coding.

Code editor is one the best app for coding and it is very begginners friendly that make user understand the in-depth knowledge of coding through this app.

Syntax highlights is one of the important feature on the code editor app that supports guides and some useful tips in more than 110+ launguage. No matter where you are from or where you are located, you can start using code editor.

Code assist auto complete is also one the rich feature of code editor, it helps begginners with code that will help them even they are beginners to it while they try to do some certain things it brings out the skeleton code for them, it also has a multi tab editing which allow user to switch tab and edit separately in a fresh page.

Regex search and replace is also a rich feature of this app as it allow you to search for some part if your code and replace it with yours, it also has light and dark options which allow you to switch when you need to them.

Coder editor is one the best app for begginners  as it also has storage option which allow you to choose where you want to store your code for future reference.

  1. Acode

Acode app is also one the best app and the most reliable app for coding and programming for begginners 

Acode has many rich features for beginners and it's users such as mobile and user friendly.

Acode allow you to embed files directly from your phone storage, upload some other files to use in your editior. Acode has a multi tab option which allows you to switch document or code you are editing and you can open as much as possible tabs and document without any negative effects or app slow down.

  1. Quickedit

Quickedit by Rhythm Software is one the best coding editor for Android user with multiple advanced featured that favours android users regardless if your android phone size or android version.

Quickedit is mainly designed to boost the Android ecosystem and allows user to code, compile and debug code. It has auto detect encoding, fluent editing for huge files and allow you switch file tab and with all these features you will have your code neat and veiw it in a browser.


Another great features quickedit has is that it has a friendly mobile usage that the text of your edit is small and fit your phone at the size of just 2.2mb for your device.

  1. Quoda

Quoda is a great app from quoda company, the code editor  support different types of coding such as HTML and CSS and it is not meant for business purposes.

Quoda is a great app to start coding and it is not begginners friendly, it is strictly based for people who want to advanced their coding technology, and you are dealing with high based coding like JavaScript, php and many others coding.

Quoda is also a great app if you want to increase your coding skills creativity and start using coding to make a living through a smartphone you can start using quoda.

  1. Atom 

Atom coding editor app is developed by Bubbledev company where they take their customers concern first and they have a great layout for their customers and users.

Atom has a great user experience which allows it user with great coding experience without any issues or coding issues such as much of ads or bad layout.

Atom has been a great coding app if you want to start coding as a begginner because it contains all layout and auto complete suggestions code for customers to have a great voding experience with their app.

Another great thing about quoda is it have a rich configure setting that allow the user to personalize their app settings such as default keyboard for coding, light or dark theme and many other setting for the app.

  1. Anwritter

Anwritter is a very great app if you want to start coding as a begginner and it is also a very good coding editor app that can also be used by amateur blogger also.

Anwritter coding editor app has a great feature such as in app view, in app view in anwritter allows the programmer to view the code he writes, preview it and see how it looks without using another third party app, you can use the anwritter to view the code you write.

Anwritter is a a great app that support file transfer protocol (ftp) which is ine the rare features all other coding apps lack and it also a JavaScript console dashboard where it is strictly for JavaScript coding only and this is to support users.

All programmer will like this app regardless if you are a pro or not because it has auto class name for CSS and auto class name for bootstrap.

If you are begginners and you see a programmer and you like how a website is, then you can view the source code behind the web page using the same app.


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