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If you are product owner and want to start making sales for your product you can read this tutorial carefully and follow very well.

There is no how you you will want to start online business that you won't start selling so many lacking or having low knowledge about the tools to use to get started, we are going to list the best tools for you to choose your required tools for your business.


Bumpa is a nice place to start your business launching with many features and tools that will take your business to the next step.

Bumpa is a Nigerian based company established to boost entrepreneur and business owners features to start making their goods available online and get paid for their product.

Bumpa is a very great tool if you want to start selling online and start making money then you can choose bumpa, they have an AI detector that detect transaction and keep analytics for you and you can view your customer information and you will be able to copy their email so you can add them to your email list.

Bumpa is a very great a platform with many good features for business and every thing in bumpa is editable to fit your requirements. You can add or edit how your customers information will be displayed and add some options your customers will fill in the payment information.

Bumpa is very nice if you want to start selling and wat wbgrrat a platform where you can start selling where you can see everything about your store.

A realtime analytics is added to bumpa which is automatically updated and accurate where you can track something's that is going on in your store and see how people are responding to your product.


Selar is one of the best to start making your store while planning to start selling online. Selar has many options that you can use to increase the growth of your store.

Selar allows their merchant to design their dashboard to their taste with the option to add logo and banner to your store where all your product will appear.

Selar payment methods is one of the most secured among the online store platforms, they use flutterwave to handle their payment and we all knows that flutterwave payment method is very secure among the digital ecosystem. So if you are a merchant for selar you have nothing to worry about payment because selar the payments methods.

Selar has a full time analytics options to see how your store is doing and how your product is going and one the great a features is that you can track tge country they are coming from.

Selars is very good for anyone who want to start selling online without any restrictions and they allow you operate your store like a pro which you will be given a specific for your store which people can reach out to you on through the web and all your product will also have a specific URL and you can give customers their url to make purchase and you can also run ads for that URL.

Selar has an option for you have to have an affiliate for your store I  their platform, what you have to do is to visit the affiliate side of your merchant dashboard and fill I the person who want to become your affiliate email and enter the amount he will be given from each product sold from him and you can do this in either percentage or a specific amount based on your agreement with your affiliate, he will be noted immediately on his email and have an option to enter a password and how to login to his affiliate dashboard.

Your affiliate can track his own sales without having access to his merchant dashboard and based on your agreement with your merchant about the amount you will be given will be added to your dashboard immediately you made sales and you can withdraw it any time.

Selar allow you to withdraw your money in specific setting which will be immediately you made sales or you keep in your dashboard and withdraw anytime.

Selar allows you start a business online without any issue and the plan is free and you can upgrade the pro plan which you will allowed to enjoy many features such as, email list, Facebook pixels and many more.


Veepar is online based platform for business owners and entrepreneur to start using to start making sales and get the best features.

Veepar is very important for business owners who want to start selling or start operating an ecommerce website or store with ease.

Veepar has an option to design your store their templates which includes mobile footer view for mobile which includes home, store and cart page where your user can checkout the product they buy.

Veepar allows you to add your social media handkes to your homepage of your store and describe your product with a option to add logo and banner about the service which you and your store offers.

You can have your own unique URL where your users can search and reach out to you on your store. And you can use that even on their free option and plan and buy your preferred domain name and connect it to your veepar store.

Veepar allows you to add product with much attributes such as colors, size and many more type of product which is nice if you starting a product selling business.

You can see your customers information and it allows your customers track how their product is been delivered them, so if you sell a product to your client and you didn't deliver the prodigal then the money won't be delivered to you untill all transaction is completed safely which safe both user and seller.

Veepar works with WhatsApp wohich allows you to add your atrie yo your WhatsApp business and allow your customers to contact you on your WhatsApp contact from your business and I will notify your user when you update or add any profile in your site.


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