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How to Make More Money with SafeLink Converter and Get Paid Directly to your Adsense Account

How to Make More Money with Google Adsense and Safelink Converter?

Yes! Safe link converter is the only way you can make more money with links and get paid to your Adsense account. Safelink converter is simple and easy they accept almost all website which does not contain or links to any adult content, drugs, liquor or copyrighted content. Also accept low traffic website too. All that they do is they monetize some links, pounder, banner, and Adsense (you can choose any method of monetizing) on your website and paid directly into your Adsense. Don't worry because of this website work and compatible with recent Google Adsense guidelines policy 2018.

Safelink converter we increase your Adsense earning up to 99% of the revenue generated by your traffic, you can see your life earnings in your Adsense account and you we are paid by Google. Unlike, others that enables Adsense placement on your website to earn more money but does not accept all niche and you must have a huge amount of traffic a month. Safelink converter is not like that has the name implies they only monetize links and is easy and free to implement the one-time setup you are done.

Safelink converter Use Google Adsense For Revenue Sharing With the publisher. So the system follows all the policies of Google Adsense on the safelink website.
Aa a publisher you Should Maintain your Adsense Account On your Own and safe link website won’t maintain Adsense account for you. As a publisher, you have to maintain your account at all time not to violate Google Adsense policy.
You are fully responsible for any problem related to your Adsense account if you violate the rules.

So if you are banned from Adsense or don’t get your payment from Adsense safe link website are not responsible for that.

Safelink converter without Adsense CPM

Safelink converter also works with cost per million (CPM) model for website owner or publishers without Adsense account. They offer one of the best CPM in the market. Safelink converter offers the highest revenue with the daily payment option.

How to Make More Money with Safe Link Converter and Get Paid Directly to your Adsense Account

If you are Looking for an Adsense alternative don't look further. Why not use Adsense in an Alternative way?
We all Knows that Adsense Pays the best revenue. So why not Adsense on your links?
With the safelink converter,  Adsense approved service you get the revenue and their system we handle everything else.

Safelink Converter Payment Methods

There are two options for payment according to the AdSense Account Status
Adsense Revenue Sharing (If  You An Have AdSense Account)
If you have an AdSense account you should use our Adsense Revenue Sharing Service and you will get your payments directly from Google. Payments for Google AdSense Account holders are made by Google only, you will receive your payments when Google makes your Check/Transfers Money to your account.

CPM Based Revenue (If You Don’t Have An AdSense Account)
If you don’t have an AdSense account or if you have a Hosted AdSense Account then you have to use safelink CPM Based Service. You must login to access your CPM Based Panel and check your payments and earnings there.
The payments will be made by the safelink converter to your Paypal account on Net 30, Net 7 and Net 0 terms.

It takes 5 minutes to register and Integrate on your website, but the Earnings you we make from safelink converter Would Just Amaze You.
With their Premium Support For Websites With High Traffic, you get Premium Rates & 24/7 Assistance with Chat Support.


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