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how to customise your computer system mouse

In today's tutorial I will teach you how to customize your computer mouse to its peak and to your desired taste.

Before we go into the customization of mouse let me tell you what mouse is. A mouse is a computer hardware that enable the moving around, clicking and performing some other activities in the computer.

Mouse is an essential tools for computers and due to advanced Technology there are new computers that doesn't require a mouse which are palmtops and laptops, these two does need a mouse to start using them, some laptops uses mouse so as to smoothened their work.

If you are using a personal computer for business or work then you need a mouse because you can't be using your fingers to move around, you will be tired of moving and pressing your finger towards the pad.

A mouse can be used with a bare hand of a computer user and a mouse is been connected to the computer though a cable and a mouse has three button on it which is;

  1. Left button
  2. Right button
  3. Scroll button

Left button

This is the button that is use to click and open  items around the computer window area, you can also use it to double click in a file to bring in some other file option, and it is used to drag items around the computer windows.

This button is very important for a computer user as it is used mainly while using a computer because it is the common button a computer users uses while operating a computer.

Right Click

This is the button used for bringing out file option, more options for files and it is also commonly used whole using a computer.

If you want to move, rename, save, copy and do many other extra options then you will be using the right click button.

Scroll button

This is the button that is round in the middle of the right click button and left click button and it is use to scroll through around the computer.

If you reading around you computer you can used the scroll button to scroll through the page or space and while browsing the webpages you can also use it to scroll the required pages.

There is two options while using the scroll button which is using the scroll up and scroll doing option.

If you want to scroll up through your reading document then you shift the scrolling button to the down side to scroll through the using page to the up.

If you want to scroll down then you do you have to shift the scrolling button to the up to scroll down the documents or pages in the computer. 

Types of mouse

There are three type of mouse that is been used to operate the computer which are;

PS2 mouse

This the type of mouse that has a different connecting option option ant is the old style of connecting your mouse to your computer.

It operation is optical and it very optional and it doesn't have an advanced style if using the mouse.

To be precise it is an old mouse used for old computers and it is very scarce to find nowadays and it is the first type of mouse created, it is created along with the first generation computer and it us fixed with the computer.

USB mouse 

This one the common mouse that is used to connect your mouse to your computer.

It has a cable operation of mechanic which means you can change it, repair it and remove and Install it back unlike the PS2 mouse, this is the most common mouse among these ages because it is an advanced option if using a mouse.

I assume we all know what a USB is and we all know it is very common among the cable nowadays.

The USB mouse is a cable that has a connecting option of using a USB to connect the mouse to the computer and we all know that most of the cable option around these ages is a USB Option and laptops rarely comes with a PS2 mouse option but with a USB option port where you can connect the mouse with the laptop same with the computer.

Wireless mouse

These options is the most advanced way of using a mouse and it is not common due to it's expensive rate.

Having a wireless mouse does not need a cable to connect to the computer as it uses wireless option of the computer to operate such as Bluetooth, WiFi to connect to the computer.

It is the easiest way to use because you can use it anywhere regardless if lenght and distance be ause there is not any cable length restrictions which is many people reason for buying it.

How to customize your mouse option

Let's move to today's topics which is customization of mouse, while customizing your mouse you have to be careful that you won't be touching a option that will disconnect your mouse from your computer.

There are many option of customization of your mouse which are mouse pointer selection, mouse speed, mouse click option.

Before you can start customization of your mouse there is a default system software which is used to customize anything around the computer system, which is called control panel.

A control panel is a software that is used to control how things are done within your computer system, and it is a default app that comes with your computer. Let start customization of our mouse.

  1. Open control panel

You will need to click on the start button, and locate control panel, and click on it, if you can't find it then you can use the search bar to find it, or you double click the my computer icon on the desktop environment and locate personalize then you open to.

  1. Click in the mouse option

This is the option that allow you customize the look and option of your mouse.

  1. Click on the mouse option to display it's property and default mouse settings.
  2. Click on the mouse option you want to modify then you enter desired option to
  3. Then you click apply to save your settings.


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