Qmee Review: Legit Or A Scam? Can You Make Money From Qmee?

Qmee Review: Legit Or A Scam? Can You Make Money From Qmee?

If you are the type that enjoys answering surveys online to make money online, this qmee review is definitely for you.

You’ll get to know how to use the Qmee app, what are the various ways you can make money through it, is Qmee legit or not…and, most importantly, is it worth your time?

What Is Qmee?

Qmee is an online service that enables you to earn a reasonable amount of money online from a combination of searching, shopping, and taking surveys. It’s something you may consider as a side gig if you are looking for ways to earn some extra cash.

The best part of it is that there’s no minimum payout amount, which is very unusual for these kinds of apps and great for making sure you actually get paid.

This way of earning money online is known as GetPaidTo.

How does Qmee work?

Qmee is a browser extension, and also available as a mobile app.

To join Qmee, just go to the Qmee login page and enter your email address and password. It’s really that simple.

Once you sign up for free, Qmee pays you for answering surveys and searching online and also offers you discounts on certain purchases.

Once installed, it reinforces your web browsing experience by looking at where you go online and what you search for.

How old do you have to be to use Qmee?

Qmee’s terms and conditions state that you have to be up to 16 years old to use Qmee.

Download the Qmee app

You can download Qmee for Android or iPhone, with each Qmee mobile app being free and virtually identical, especially in terms of how you can earn money through them.

How can I make money with Qmee?

There are a ton of different ways that you can make money with Qmee, which will be accessible to you when you sign in through the Qmee dashboard.

This dashboard will show you things like which surveys are available to you, check out list of how you can earn money on Qmee below:

  1. Qmee surveys

Qmee surveys are what this app is popularly known for and for good reason – it’s where most people make money from through this app.

The surveys aren’t actually from Qmee itself. Rather, they’re from partner companies, meaning that Qmee basically hosts the surveys on its app.

As you’ll see, each survey provides you an estimated time for completing it – although it’s worth pointing out that, in our experience, these weren’t always accurate.

You can also see how much you’ll be paid for finishing each one, which gives you a good inkling of your approximate hourly rate when doing these. For example, a five-minute survey that pays you $1.17 is similar to you earning $14.04 per hour, which really isn’t bad.

Of course, you’re not going to be doing survey after survey, so it’s pretty uncertain that you’ll actually be able to earn the full $14.04 within an hour of using Qmee.

  1. Qmee searches

Another way you can earn money on Qmee is by doing Qmee searches for money. Yes, Qmee does pay you for searching online and clicking on "certain" results.

However, Qmee does not reward you for all searches. The rewards can be quite unreliable and inconsistent, and trust me you’re never going to earn much money doing this.

I have seen users say that they make as low as $5 per year through the Qmee search reward.

Truly, You won’t make hundreds of dollars doing this, but in terms of allowing you to earn a few extra dollars from something you’d be doing already, I would say it’s a pretty good choice.

  1. Discounts on online shopping

While it’s true that receiving discounts on your online shopping isn’t precisely making money, it does result in you saving money – which is almost the same outcome.

If you install the Qmee web extension, you’ll be given discounts on things you’re searching for.

  1. Qmee daily poll

The Qmee daily poll is perhaps the easiest thing you’ll do on Qmee. Just answer one multiple choice question that’s given to all Qmee users and you’re done. The questions take no time at all as they solely involve asking for your opinion on whatever the question is about.

You can find the daily poll, check the bottom of your Qmee dashboard.

  1. Qmee pop quiz

Every now and then, Qmee usually runs a pop quiz for a specific period Of time, usually around two weeks. This normally involves you “finding” the pop quiz as you navigate around the app and then you are given a short period of time to answer the questions.

This is actually a good way to earn money on Qmee because you can earn up to $1 for answering those questions.

  1. Qmee referral program

The Qmee referral program is another means of making money through the site without much work on your side.

The idea is that if you use Qmee, refer a friend to use it too and the app might pay you and them for it. That's all!

Is Qmee legit or a Scam?

For an app that really doesn’t pay all that much, Qmee reviews online are still absolutely positive. The reviews on the Qmee Trustpilot page are also very great for this type of app.

So this brings us to the conclusion that Qmee is a legit site to make extra money.

Even though there are negative reviews, these are familiar for any kind of survey site and this sometimes often relates more to people not qualifying for surveys rather than an issue with Qmee itself.

Qmee is legitimate in terms of the fact that you’ll certainly get any money you earn, that is there is no minimum payout amount attached.

Is Qmee safe?

Qmee is safe, with its terms and conditions on privacy making it very understandable that any information that’s obtained about you in the course of you using the app won’t be precisely attributable to you.

Your Qmee Review

Have you perhaps tried Qmee?

Please consider leaving a review below – good or bad – doesn’t amount to something as far as it’s helpful to our visitors/readers. Thanks for your assistance!


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