how to choose the best PC for yourself

Choosing the best PC for yourself is not as easy as using a personal computer because there are something's you have to take into consideration.

So follow the article very well so you can be able to choose your PC very well without any issues or problem with it.

Needs and want

One of the consideration of choosing a best personal computer is that you have clarify your needs and want.

Needs is the situation that you need the Personal Computer badly and you can do with it, if you are in these categories then you a ought to look for much specifications that fits your requirements. Those who I categorized into needs are who want to use it for business, do something important.


Wants is when you just want it for a mere use and what you want to use it for is not important and useful so there is no use for choosing an expensive Personal Computer e.g playing games, watching films.

So if you want to choose a personal computer this is the first thing you have to think and consider so try to differ what you want to use it for.

Choose between desktop and laptop

This is another consideration you have to look into while starting to buy a personal computer becauae you have to distinguish between yge type you want to buy.

If you want to use your computer in your office permanent then you can consider using desktop because it is very essential for business and company because it more strong and durable for business so it is advisable for you to buy desktop personal computer for business.

If you are student and office worker and you need to carry your laptop around to do business or you want to use it at home then you can consider buying a laptop because it js very portable to use and it is mobility.

When you want to buy a laptops make sure you are buying a laptop which it has high capacity of batteries because this determines how long your laptop will work and if you buy a low budget laptop with low battery capacity then you have problem when using it.

Choose between Apple and Windows

Choosing between windows and apple is another consideration you have to think about when buying a computer because it has a much specifications and operating system and everything the two is different.


If you are a type of person that needs laptop for business and running online business then you can choose windows because it is bit cheaper that apple and a bit stronger, if you are a type if person that uses laptop to okay games, watch videos then you can start by using windows.

Windows Is the popular operating system in the world with about 70% usage all over the world so it is used mostly over the world.

If you are a type that need the laptop to do something complicated tgeb you can choose apple computer because it has much durability that window computer.

If you are type of person that code and program then apple is undeniable the best for coding, windows also can code but not as perfect as apple operating system.

If you a person that deals with content creation then apple the best, it the best compatibility to do content creation than any other operating system that why artist, and video creator and many others that deals with cintant creation like using apple system.

Check the computer components

The important feature of buying a computer is checking the components and we will list what you have to check.


If you operate big files and deals with videos, gaming and edit graphic then you need higher RAM which is higher than 8GB.

RAM is measured is GB and the higher the RAM the higher the capability to run different files at ones.

If you have a low RAM then you personal computer will run sluggishly and won't work better as you expect, so while buying your personal computer make sure you are aware of the RAM if your computer, the lowest GB is 4GB and if you just want to use to browse and do little works then you can buy lower.

Hard disk

Hard disk is where your files and your data stores and if you deals with gaming and video then you need bigger hard disk space because these items takes much space.

There are different type of hard disk space and the capacity djffers from each other so you have to choose the one that fit your needs.

Graphic card

This is the card that carries all graphic part of your personal computer so if you run graphic designing and videos editing then you need a higher graphic card.

If you want to handle HD video then it is a must to have a graphic card and it makes the video very good.

If you want to do some mere things then it is not a must you buy but if you want use the personal computer ti do some creation like 3D development then the graphic card is very crucial.


This is one the important part of the computer that makes it work so if you want to buy a strong CPU.

There are two manufacturer of CPU which are Intel and AMD and we will be talking about Intel mostly.

Intel is just a model name it has some series like core series and such as core i3, core i5 and much more but core i9 is the most powerful and there are generation in the core which the powerful one is the 10th generation.


The next thing is to check the connection of the person computer such as wifi and Bluetooth, there are some computer that are still not available with these connection.


If you are type you use it for business, you will want to use different port like USB port and HDMI so chwck the port if it match your requirements.

Cash and budget

Once you done with the check and aware of what you want another thing Is to check the cash you have and want to budget to the laptop.


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