online business for students

online business to start as a student

Making money online as a student that won't affect your studies and earn six figures from it, has been every student concerns so as to supplement the money they are been given from their parents. So if you fall in this category make sure you follow the article because I will supply the best business business you can do as a student and make money from it.


Copy writting has been one of the easiest and lucrative way to make money online as a student as you don't require much skills or capital.

What you have to do is to write for people on a particular topics, and as a student I believe writting will not be a problem to them, so many people are in need of a copy writter so you can use your schooling creative to takes up writting jobs and been paid.

One of the most place to find job is a freelancing sites such as Fiverr and upwork where you can help people write resumes, letters and you can work with many organization by writting sales copy, profile bio, and many more other forms of writting.

Video editing

Been a video editor is one the high paying skill that pays you for creating visual means of passing information.

The demand for video editor is high as many people and organization uses video as a means of  communication, advertisement, marketing video and much more. 

If you know about video editing, transition and animation then you can start making thousands of money from it, you can publish your service on freelancing sites and get hired for your business or you teach people how to edit at higher cost, people like these course so if you know how to edit videos most especially cartoon animation then you can combine the two proving ways and start making money.

Social media marketer

Being a social media marketer is one of a great way to start making money because many business wants to be seen online and make sales.

So being a social media marketer requires you to able to promote products through ads, or organically. The demand for these skills is so high and you don't require much skills only what to require is how to write sales copy and target audience very well.

Once you do the above then you can start accepting jobs as a social media marketer.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting product that doesn't belongs to make sales in return of commission.

Affiliate marketing has been one of the most lucrative business to start as you don't require much skills and capital all you need to know is how to let the product reach many potential customers and make sales.

You will given any unique URL which will use to promote the product and the unique URL given to you will be used to track the sales and commission.

You don't need a capital or skills before you start making money from affiliate marketing the main skills you have to know is how to promote products and you can use ads to promote products and reach more potential customers and make sales.

Publish a book

Publishing a book is another lucrative business yet not popular, as a student you will have to know how to write fictional and non fictional stories and write up, so you can monetise and make money from your write up.

You can start by publishing your book in electronic book been called ebook and it is always in pdf format, so people won't go and be removing and adding to your ebook and resell.

Once you have your ebook ready you can use wps office app on your mobile phones or use microsoft office to get your ebook ready. So you have to start making money from your published books which includes some promoting and publishing on various books platform.

If you wish to earn in naira and have no issues as your money will be paid immediately you made a sales, you can selar. Selar is a platform been used to promote and sell product and recieve payment.

If you wish and aspire to earn in dollars or Pounds then you can go for international platform to sell your ebooks such as Amazon, Amazon has a biggest package and full loaded package for selling your ebooks.

From your Amazon dashboard you will be able to create back cover for your ebook been able to trace sales and you will be paid through wire check to your bank account when it's reach the threshold of 100$.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a process of selling equipment that can be used without been seen. And this includes selling of ebooks, video, online courses, software and many other.

Before you can become a digital marketer you need to understand how things go around you and know your audience. Once you get this ready then you ready to start making money as a digital marketer.

This business doesn't require much skills or capital and it is a business you can start from the enjoyment of your home without affecting your studies.

As a student you can develop or create some things like apps, ebook, graphics, video, software in an advanced ways and selling out to people who needs it in return for money, people will surely comes to you as a digital Marketer if you offer the best services.


Dropshipping business is one the most lucrative business as a student but it is very complicated and difficult to be operated, dropshipping simply means getting product from supplier and sells at your desired amount.

Where dropshipping get complicated is getting a supplier that will give you goods to sell and pays back but in Nigeria one of the best way is to visit Jiji and konga and peruse, in there you will surely find a supplier but the terms and conditions will be so strict as nobody will want you to takes their good and run away.

Dropshipping is very good if you have a supplier to supply you the goods then you are good to go as a dropshipper.


The above business for student is a proving ways to get cash as a student and you can try any one you like and know much about them if you have anything regarding these article let us know in the comments section.


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