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how to start product reseller business in Nigeria

Starting a product reselling business is a great way to source for income in Nigeria as it's advantages is much. And you can start product reselling with no capital and I skills and still generate income.

Product reselling (affiliate marketing) is also a good way to generate more income, and you can scale your income that will be made through the product sold because every product has its commission rate, and it has no limit of goods you can sell and it has a very low cost to startup this business.

Important party while doing affiliate marketing

There are 4 party Involved while doing affiliate marketing which are the Merchant, Network, Publisher, and customers.

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Merchant(the seller) 

This is the owner of the goods and services, this is the person in charge the creation, delivery of goods.

This is the major person while doing affiliate marketing business because it is the person that will provide goods for you to sell to make you commission.


You are the the publisher, the person who will sell the goods for a commission.

You have the full responsibility to make sure you sale the goods in return for cash, and you will be paid your commission based on your agreement.

You have the full right to promote the goods supplied by the merchant and make sure you make sales.

Network (escrow)

These are the set of people who handles payment and avoid the publisher to be scammed by the merchant or customers or the way round.

These escrow is an Intermediary in between either the publisher and merchant or publisher and customers. The network make sure the handle the payment section securely and avoid anybody being scammed, there is also a commission for escrow also.


This are the people that will buy your product for you to make sales and generate income.

Without these set of people there won't be sales and commission for the four party, so they play important role in these business.

Publisher needs to treat them properly and persuade them not ally for them to buy the product.

Types of affiliate network systems

Affiliate system is a way they uses to pay you the caption they want you to tell your customers perform before you can generate income.

CPA (click per action)

This is when your customers complete or take some actions like completing a registeration, login or perform some other function before the publisher can pay.

Before you can choose CPA as your action of marketing, you have to .ake sure you knows how to persuade clients and tell them how it will be of benefit to them.

CPA is a very great way to source for income as it range for a performed action is 10$-20$ for the action your customers did.

CPC (cost per click)

This is just like many other company like advertisement company paying you for clicking on ads, that how it is.

CPC Is a very great way to generate income because it doesn't needs to be persuasive, or be interactive, what you just have to do is use place a url given to you to maybe your social media page, or other place you  can place links.

CPC doesn't need your client to fill any form or do anything special but just click your click or ads, once they do that then you already earning your money, but it pay is usually small.

You will always have a CPC rate which you will be paid when a user click through your link, the CPC rate differs to one another, it range of payment is between 1$-4$.

PPL (pay per lead)

This is the act of paying you per leads generated, and leads means to convert for them maybe to send you offers and much more.

Pay per lead generated is the act to pay you per the number of users that input either their name, phone number or email address. And it is very hard to operate as a publisher as many people won't want to input their details.

PPL payment is the highest of all because they know it is very hard to convince clients and customers to put in their details and their range of payment is 25$ - 60$ per lead generated.

How to start Affiliate marketing

Choose niche

Once you are starting affiliate marketing you have to choose your niche, and this includes the types of product you want to sell, and it is good to focus on one and do it well to generate more income.

There are many niche you can start selling and start making more money from your goods and this involves hair, cloth, shoes, body deodorant, creams and many more.

Start a blog

You have to start a blog which you use to promote the goods and it is not  necessary to start a blog but it is important.

You can start a free blog with google blogger or building a standard website with wordpress which you will use to generate more money.

Create content

Once you have your product ready you can start creating content pertaining to the the product and this may include description and features.

If you are selling in social media then you can start by writting it's description, feature and advantage and make sure you get yourselfa good I age illustrating your product.

If you have a blog you can start creating content for the product and the benefit is you can add one or more product on your blog and most way people do it is by doing reviews for product and dropping their link so people can buy.

Add your affiliate product

You can add your affiliate product to your content so you can start generating more funds and these is very nice with a blog which are;

Link which will be linking to the product page where you can buy the product.

Banner which illustrates the product, features and what it works for and it is the best thing to do as many affiliate marketing program will give you a banner you can use.

Email marketing is the act of sending them offers right to their email and recieve it to perform some action.

Promote content 

You can start promoting content so you can start earning since you have set up the content and product.

There are many ways you can promote your content which includes, social media marketing, Search engine optimization, email marketing and advertising.

You will choose the one that best fits you and knows how to do it perfectly and start cashing out.


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