lucrative business to start

Lucrative business to start in 2021

There are some profitable business you can start in 2021 to earn more cash but some of these business are around us yet we don't know they are profitable unless you don't know your way around it or you don't know how to utilize your resources well.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas business is one of the best business if you want to triple your income and make more cash.

These business has been known to people that is one the most profitable business you can get into and be rich fast but it is very expensive to start up and your chances to get in there is very rare and radical so if you have a chance to get into these line of business then you should see yourself a millionaire.

These business require turning raw crude oil to many important resources such as kerosene, petroleum, gas and diesel, sonic you find yourself doing these business then you are lucky because these business is very lucrative 


Been an agricultural is also a great source of getting more incomes and these is one the most profitable business because there is low competition in these business because people ignore and leave these business for office jobs.

Agriculture has been the best way to source Income right  from the old age period and many agricultural personnel are making it big In these business as they tends to export their farm produce abroad to sell at higher price.

Agriculturing does  it only means farming but you can start farming, livestock rearing animals, they farm on produce like yam, maize, cocoa and many other farm produce and those in the livestock rear chickens, turkey and all sort of birds, and those rearing animals rear animal such as goats, ram, cow and many others.

Agriculturing does not require much capital but once you have lands and spaces you can start agriculturing and start earning from it even at your backyard space.

Food business

These business is one the fast moving business to do and gain much profit for it and it doesn't waste time as many people buys it.

The demand for food is very high because everyone eats and they what they eat so there is no how you will have a good business and still be broke and be complaining about money as it can be buyer anywhere even ona very local area.

If you find yourself in these business then if you find yourself in these business then start seeing yourself as a millionaire as it is very profitable and doesn't require much capital to start.

Real estate

If you are a type of person that like housing and many other tangible asset then you can start real estate and start making six figures from it.

Real estate is the act of helping people sell their asset such as lands, house and many other tangible asset in return for a commission and there are type of real estate.

Some buy the asset from the owner at low price and resell for another person over a period if time at a very high rate. That is very nice and a good way of doing business if making about X3 of your money invested in the asset.

Some are giving the house to sell at a given low price so they tends to sell at any amount of their choice and the money added by them is their gain and profit.

While some are giving the asset to sell at any amount from their range of selling price and will be given a commission which is calculated in percentages, so the higher the price you sell the higher your commission.

Real estate has been a great way to make money from anywhere in the world and you don't need much skills or capital to start this jobs.

Hotel business

Hotel business is one the best and profitable business to join and start making money on a daily basis.

If you are the one that have enough capital to build a hotel then once you build it there are numerous ways to earn for it based in the standard of the hotel.

You can earn from your hotel business from lodging, any people who are on trips and many people who are rich enough especially yahoo boys who tends to spend much in hotel room. So having a lodging area where people can pass through the night for a specified amounts.

You can also earn from what you sell in your hotel, much hotel sells drinks and some other stuff for refreshment in the hotel room so the price for the goods sold in the hotel is more high than normal price and they don't allow people to buy from outside and bring it inside your hotel room.

Since you have enough money you will tends to buy all what you need as it is required to buy all what you need in the hotel and these is a very big source of generating income so building a hotel room is a very profitable business based in the standard.

Transportation business 

This business is the act of transporting people in your bus from one place to another.

Transportation business is one the lucrative business idea you have to think it as many people won't trek to where they are going and will like to take bus because if the fast experience, and saving of time.

So transportation business is one of the business you can start to earn six figure and it require you to have your bus or can and you can start earning as a transporter.

Foreign restaurant

Owning a foreign restaurant where you prepare foreign delicacy is another source of generating more income.

You don't need to go to their country before you can start earning from the business, you have to take a survey about which country dominates your country once you know them you will start preparing their food.

Preparing a foreign delicacy is a good source of doubling your income because the foreigners are the person who tends to buy from you and any amount you place in your food will be bought because there will be scarcity of that type of food so they tends to buy it at any cost since they can't get it anywhere else.

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