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how to make money with your WhatsApp 2021

WhatsApp has about 10 billion active users using WhatsApp and we all know facebook bought the popular chatting app and there is a feature that only people that saves your number can view your status and some people haveany people who saved their number.

If you fall in the category of having about 1 thousand views from your WhatsApp status per day then there is a chances of making millions from your WhatsApp status,stay tuned with me as I will share how to make more money with your WhatsApp.

Hosting seminars

There are some people hosting seminars and teach people one or the two things in return for cash.

You can start seminars on WhatsApp by creating a secured group where people that pay for your seminars will only have access to it, WhatsApp is the best social media app to run seminars like this because of the amazing features such as voice recording, video calling, audio calling and many more.

Refer friends to app

Have you ever used an app where they tell you to being in more member for cash if they join through your link.

Since you have many members that are viewing your statues you can post such referral link and persuade people to joj and show them proof they are paying, it is a very good way to make quick cash.

Drive traffic to your blog

Some people who haveany user viewing there content start creating a blog and start posting good content and uses their WhatsApp to drive more traffic and people to the site.

Blogging has many benefits to make cash which includes adding ads to the website, adding ads to the site is a best way to earn from your blog or website. Many website and blogs uses this option to get more money and monetised their blog.

Pay per download

There are some sites who pays you for uploading content like mp3, mp4,apps and many other documents to your account and you will be given a link which people can use to access the file uploaded.

While people tends to download the uploaded content you upload then they won't know you are earning in one way or the other.

Using to pay to download is the best way to make more cash without people knowing you are making cash through their actions and many people with higher view on WhatsApp tends to use music and video because people like using the two mentioned.

Marketing for business owners.

Marketing for business owners is simply that you will paid to post some content on your status.

When people finds out that you have much views on WhatsApp they will like to run a sponsored post in your status and pay you.

We all know that WhatsApp status disappear after 24 hours and most WhatsApp owner with high view tends to charge based on 24 hours.

You don't need to find people who will advertise with you as business owners who want to promote their business, seller who want to promote their product will come organically.

Market your product

If you sells any kind of product you can start selling it right from your WhatsApp and start making sales.

Before you can start marketing your product you ought to start using WhatsApp dedicated for business owners which is WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp business allows you to post product, add product and tract sales right from your WhatsApp,so you can start promoting the product you posted on your WhatsApp business panel and start making cash.

While running your business and start promoting your product start making sure you are using a good headlines, product description and images.

Affiliate marketing

This is the act of selling people's product for reward called commission which is paid to them based on amount of product sold.

You can start affiliate marketing and start making money just by promoting people's product and start making passive income from it.

You can start affiliate marketing with low cost, and make it one of the biggest method of your source of income because it is very highly profitable and you can scale your earning through the amount of goods sold and there is no limit in selling.

As a business owners and a WhatsApp users with high views you can start considering affiliate marketing as a best way to double your income and earn passively without any cost except start up fee which of some them don't collect but those that don't collect commission is aways low.

Short links.

Short link are actually a url shortener who shorten your url and give you a unique short one and start earning from it.

Using a url shortener is one the best way to make some cash and it is not necessary you own the page  it is very important to have the page due to legal and copyright issues.

If you found out a webpages that is interesting and you like to share with your users or a music or movie download url you want to share with your user and generate money from it then you are likely to choose shortlinks.

Some people might be wondering how does the people who runs the short links earn before they start giving out free money which you think is likely a scam.

A shortlink website uses many method to monetised their page and not just only give away money but earn more from it also and one the way they earn is monetising their webpage with advertisement.

Shortlink website tends to put ads to get users are likely to click it which will result In good earning for them also. So don't think they are just doing a promo but they are paying you for the ads the client sees or clicks.

So shortlink website are paying you for the person you are bringing. So shortlink is a legit way to earn with your WhatsApp.


Ysense is a ponzi scheme that pays you for viewing video, completing a survey, filling some forms, testing some apps and many other in exchange for cash.

It is one the most legit ponzi scheme to start in 2021


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