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how to start an ecommerce business in 2021

Starting an ecommerce business is one the business you have to start as an entrepreneur who wants to double his income and wants to earn on a daily basis selling products.

There are some options you have to make before you can start and ecommerce business successfully.

Register your business with CAC

Officially registering your business is the best way to be in the safe side while operating as a business and dealing with cash.

While registering your business legally with your country then you will have to put your business name, brand, and logo to the registration and you will certified a prominent owner of the respective business and anybody who uses your brand name, and logo will be sue.

Aside of verification of your business in your country, every ecommerce business must have a website to operate well so you can sell and accept money and deliver product to your customers.

If you have a ecommerce website and you want to receive money and make sales through your website or app then you have to have your website verified because there are some documents you will be given.

Some payment gateways ask of your business information and don't allow integration with website that doesn't have it business verified and won't be able to accept payment of goods and services sold.

Setup your online store

Setting up your online store is not something complicated and difficult you can start using templates and cms to start building your ecommerce website.

You can start building your ecommerce website with shopify, wordpress and some other website design platform.

Before you can start having the option of creating a ecommerce website you have to pick your niche, this Is the topic you will sell product towards.

You have to get your domain and hosting, domain is simply a hyperlink name used to find your content on the web while hosting is where all your information and content Is stored.

Before you can start ecommerce website building domain and hosting is very important and can't do with.

Setup a secured payment gateway

You have to accept payment of your product sales and you have to make sure you are dealing with the right payment gateway which can handle payment securely and safely.

A payment gateway is simply a third party Integration that accept payment in form of you and it is always integrated with your woocommerce.

Before you can start choosing a payment gateway you have to make research about their commission, how fast their service is and how they handle your Information and customers information.

There are quite some gateway that are good and used most which are flutterwave and paystack which is popular and common in the region of Nigeria and africa and international payment gateway which is stripe and razorpay.

Setting a marketing strategy

Setting up a marketing strategy is setting up the way you use to get people that will buy product to your website and I will be listing the best methods below.

Social media marketing

Those personnel and people that have much followers on their social media app and have a huge fan page groups, page and profile then you can start creating content and product with them.

Being a social media marketer you have to publish content that pertain and relate to your groups and page. By doing that you will use your social media page or profile to drive .ore clients or customers to your website and make sales.

If you feel that social media marketing is the best way to market your product and you don't have much followers on your profile or page.

You can start running sponsored post and start paying those that have much social media followers and fan page and pay them to help you post your product to their followers.

Before you start making social media your source of getting traffic and sales then you could know how to write good product catchy headlines and title, good meta description that Involves the full detailed Information of the product and uses good image then you are good to go

Social media website and app that you use and are recommend are facebook, instagram, telegram and many more. You have to find the one which works better for you and start promoting and making sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the act of optimizing your content to fit and rank higher on google and other search engine and it requires some patience and tools to start ranking your content to make sales.


It is very hard to rank higher on search engine like google so everyone knows that the more you ranks the more you get traffic and get more sales.

There are some algorithm that google uses before your content can be ranked by google and such content must be relevant and meet user intent.

Algorithm which favours your ranking on google and other search engine is Backlink, keyword, content.

Backlink is a link passing from another website to your website and this tells google your site is relevant and provide good content.

Keyword is the title you write for and it matters alot because some keywords are full and difficult because of competition and you can use tools like ahrefs to check the keywords difficulty, volume and many others.

Email marketing

This the act of sending your users promotional content on their email and this works by letting your user input their email address in an optin form and it will save in the database.

Once you have your customers email address you can start sending them offers and product and provide them a link where they will be able to buy the product.


This is the act of boosting your posts content through paid means and this involes targeting users you want the ads to be shown to.

Running ads is a great way to generate sales as you will reach many potential users and customers who are willing to buy your product and this can be done as a result of targeting.

Be productive

Try to be consistent and post offers and product and never relent until you Achieved your goals and mission.

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