How to fix iPhone not detecting sim card and update error

How to fix iPhone not detecting sim card and iTunes update error

How to fix iPhone not detecting sim card and update error

In recent years, I have an issue with my iPhone unable to detect sim if the third party call me it ring and does not show on my iPhone. I can not receive a call or on the mobile data has well until I restart the iPhone before it we detect sim and mobile data too, but can't receive a call but I can make a call after I restart it. I have to restart it whenever I want to use it, that's a big problem for me.

Although, some other devices such as Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and Samsung tab A, you have to restart it each time you insert a mobile sim before you can access it.
A lot of issues has been going on each time apple update to a new version.
How to fix iPhone not detecting sim card and update error
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Solution to your iPhone not detecting sim card

Sim problem on your iPhone may be as a result of damage mobile sim, battery replacement or the iPhone is faulty and need a replacement and maybe your iPhone is not repaired properly when you went to repair it last. If all this issue not applicable to you try this solution:

  1. Insert your valid mobile sim
  2. You must have a valid data subscription on your mobile sim
  3. Switch it off and back on
  4. Make sure before you restart it, on your data connection and off airplane mode
  5. On your iPhone, it should be up and running. Remove your sim and reinsert sim detected.

Your iPhone is having this issue because of invalid date, and if your iPhone date is not corrected automatically when you on your mobile data or wifi, that means your phone is faulty or you did not follow the above procedure correctly

How to fix your iPhone not detecting sim card with your laptop?

How to fix iPhone not detecting sim card and update error
  1. Download the latest iTunes on your laptop
  2. Download the correct driver for your laptop
  3. Get a better USB
  4. Set the time of your laptop to the correct date and time (compulsory)
  5. Restart the computer and plug your iPhone into your laptop
  6. Open the iTunes and it should be able to detect your iPhone
  7. Press sync (Date should be set automatically without any hassle.

Solution to iPhone update error and unable to flash the apple software download via iTunes

 This problem may occur on your iPhone because of the issue above.
Such as driver problem, USB problem, PC USB port not working with others. In some cases, your charging port may be faulty
  • Fix every driver problem, USB problem.
  • Chang your PC USB port or change to another side that is working and firm properly.
  • The error may be detected and unable to flash the latest problem because of the fake battery (replace your battery with a valid one) and the battery should be charged up to 50 percent.

If there is another way to fix iPhone issues share it with us and share and like this article it may be helpful to others.

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