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how to connect your PC to TV using HDMI

Have you ever want to display your PC screen in your Television but don't know the procedure then this article can help you achieve that without any issues.

Firstly how do you intend to connect your personal computer to your Television and what is the best time to do that? With this guides you will know the full guide on how to connect your Television to your personal computer, there Is no time you can't connect your Television to your personal computer as far as you have the required tools and equipment.

If you work in place where there is need to enter your clients or customers information then it is advisable to use a television to display the information to your customers without sitting next to you, the reason for presenting a television to your client is to ensure you are not entering the wrong details.

Afterwards you will know how to connect both your personal computer and television together without any issues and problem, if you have any issues with it then drop a comment with your issues.




Personal Computer

HDMI cable                                         Let's get started

Once you have the above mentioned tools and equipment then let move to the next step of connecting your personal computer and television together.

Insert the HDMI cable to the computer

You have to insert the HDMI cable to your computer to be able to get started, the HDMI port location differs from each personal computer so if you are dealing with a desktop computer then the HDMI port is always at the back if the Central processing unit.

Some central processing unit differs from one another, some processing unit are standing while some are sleeping central processing unit, most standing processing unit HDMI port is always at the front and some are at the back depending on the generation of your computer, some sleeping computer HDMI port are mostly at the  back and few are at the front.

So you have to locate where your HDMI port is located and plug your HDMI cable to it. 

If you are operating with a laptop or palmtop then the HDMI port location is different from desktop computer due to desktop computer huge size and laptop size.

Most laptop HDMI port can be find majorly in two different places which is at the side and at the back and it depends on the brand maker and generation to determine where your HDMI port will be, so you can find your HDMI port in any of these two places and insert your HDMI cable.

There are two types of HDMI port in a computer which are graphics card and computer HDMI port, so some people will be confused where to insert their HDMI cable so to avoid confusion you can insert it in any of the places but the place you insert it is the graphic port area because we all know the work of graphic and most computer HDMI port is not activated and most are not working.

Insert the HDMI cable to your Television

A cable has two ends and you have inserted the first ends in your personal computer and it is time to insert the other end to the television.

The HDMI for all television is always at the back so you will insert the HDMI cable to the port at the back where the two devices will share connection.

Some people uses monitor and we are gladly telling you that you can use a monitor to connect your Television to your Personal Computer and the HDMI port is the same as the television.

Use Remote control to set up HDMI

The next step we are going to do is using your remote control of your Television to setup the HDMI option.

The main thing we are doing here is tell the television to be in HDMI mode so we can be able to share the connection, as it is as easy to do that.

There are different types of mode for a Television which includes DVD mode, television mode and many other so there is also HDMI mode and I know some will be thinking monitor doesn't have remote and will they go about it.

If you are using television what you have to do is when you already connected the HDMI cable to your Television and Personal Computer then you take your remote and look for source or Input button on your remote.

Once you found those buttons then you click it then it will show you an option to navigate through the navigation key arrow in the remote then you navigate to to HDMI option you can see am option like 'HDMI 1' and many other number so you choose the HDMI number you insert the cable.

If you are using a monitor what you have to do is to select HDMI option through buttons, there is always a button at the side if a monitor so you look for source, input or mode to select HDMI option.

Detect your Television on your PC

Let move to the next step of detecting your Television in your PC which is the most important part of this tutorial. For this tutorial we will be talking about windows only and window 10 to be specific.

Go to the PC settings

In other to find your Television you have to go to the settings and to go to the settings we have to do some steps.

  1. Click the windows icon to show up some applications or settings.
  2. Click on the settings at the right sidebar of the window.
  3. Then open it

Or right click on the window area at the home screen then it will bring an option so you will choose settings.

Open display option

Once you have done these stores and you are already at the system settings then you have to click display button and once you click the dis0mah button then it will popup a notification for you to detect. Then you click detect, once you click detect it will lost the device available to show what is on the screen then you save it.

Sound settings

Once you reach the settings of the computer then you choose sounds then look for television if you can't find it then click the white empty space to view disabled device and enable it back.

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