business for women over 40

business ideas for women over 40

Women who over 40 are not allowed to work again with the government, people who fall in these categories might not have enough energy to work hardly like before and it is not advisable for their health.

In the write up I will tell you some business you can start without much capital and much skills and earn money and make a living from it.

Book keeping

Book keeping is not a popular job or requires much skills you have to be able to make calculation and keep records safely.

These skills requires no skills or capital, you can start working for company and businesses helping them keeping records saving them properly and receive salary.

Real estate

Real estate has been one of the life saving business you can start for women over 40 as you don't require much skills but capital.

Real estate is the act of buying valuable asset like houses, land and many more housing asset and start selling it when it is developed or finding a buyer for the property to receive a commission.

This business is not hard or very difficult what you have to do is to bring in and find customers who are interested in the property and sell it to them at your desired price.


If you a person who can read and observe grammatical errors and blunders then you can be a proof reader and make money daily, there are company who are in need of a proofreader but it is so difficult to find one.

This skills requires no capital to operate all you need is find a company that publish books and apply for a proofreader and there are many website that get you job as a proofreader and been paid.

You can monetise your proofreading skills by joining a freelancer site and post your gig as a proofreader and optimize your gig you will surely get a job.


Laundry is a business you can start as a women and earn passively from it, laundry and home cleaning has been a popular and life saving job to earn extra cash.

You don't need much capital or skills to start this job what you have to know is how to clean people's house, clothes, utensils in exchange for cash.

These jobs can be done at the confort of your home and earn passively from it.

Sell on Amazon

Selling on amazon (FBA) is also great ways to source for cash in these days what you have to do is get your goods ready and publish it in Amazon so people can find and buy it.

If you are one that can source for goods and products then you can start selling on Amazon and start making cash. 

The algorithm of start selling on Amazon is just as simple as finding goods by any means either by creating or buying at discount price to resell on amazon and handle the delivery.

Those who knows or have people abroad that can start helping them buying discount goods and send it to them so they can start reselling in Amazon from country like china (recommend), japan, turkey and many more.

You can start selling any type of product on Amazon such as hairs, electric appliances, clothes and many other product and start making sales and deliver to people and make six figures from it.

Life coach

Life coaching is as simple as motivating and help people get into right things, telling people about their zodiac sign and been a therapist can be monetised.

Being a life coach doesn't require a skills or capital but been able to impact good things into people and lead them, been a therapist in different niche such as relationship and business is also one way to be a life coach, your client explain their problem and you tell them ways and advice them on how to overcome the problem.

Being a motivational speaker has been one of the popular business to start if you could reason exceeding expectations and find a solution to problems and lead people to shift their regular routine to your idea. Then you can start making money as a motivational speaker as people will source you to advise them on how to adapt to problems and solutions.

Being a therapist is also is part of a life coach business as you will be called to explain solution to people's problem and ways for them to adapt easily to their problem and solution to leave the problem easily.


Transcribing is not popular business and one of the best business to do as women above 40, you don't need special skills or capital to start transcribing.

If you can listen to audio, podcast and music and write what it has been said in the audio then you can start transcribing and make money from it.

As a transcriber you can start transcribing music which is also called lyrics and audios and start making money from it.

Transcribing is a profitable business if you know your way around it, there are some set if people who can speak and can't write what they say down black and white, so this where your service is needed you will listen to the audio and write it down and get paid for your services rendered.

Travel agent 

Being a travel agent is one the best to get into as a women as you will help people plan their traveling and make money from it.

You can start a travel agent business if you have a connection or knows how to work on visa. You can start a travelling agent business by helping people planning to leave the country but doesn't know the process work the process in a easy way.

 Been a travel agent is a very lucrative business as it doesn't require much capital or skills what you have to do is walk into the appropriate quarter and approve their traveling in a top notch.


If you fall in the categories of women who are over 40 and are in need for job and business, we have handpicked the best business which doesn't require much capital or skills to start and earn from it.



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