win more customers and retaining them

ways to win more customers and retain them

Getting customer to purchase what you sells from you is the best way to keep a business healthy and growing, many people have problem in getting more customers and retaining them as their customers.

Many business lose customers in a daily basis and suffers of making sales if their product, this might be very frustrating but there are something's you not doing or you not doing it well. I am going to list what you are going to do in accordance to win more customers and retain them, make sure you follow and make use of it accordingly.

Build relationship

This is the first thing to do when you are building your business, you have to build a relationship with people and make them know what you have for them.

In building relationship there is a part which is introducing yourself as a new business and telling people what you have for them, what you offer and what services you will offer them.

Using user generated content or product, some people are actually too lazy of handling jobs and uses bots and robots to monitor sales, support customer, post product and many more. I have to tell you that it is not healthy to use bots to monitor some part while doing business.

If you feel the work is too much for you can try and employ some people and the reasons why some people prefer using bot to handle some of their business is tgey dint wish to pay a recurring payments to their workers.

There is no how a bots or robots can handle some part of your product like writting a good decription, good images, links for the products and sales price, there is no how the bots won't make a mistake in one of this area.

Build a perfect pitch

You have to have a goals when lunching a business, you will surely have something's you want to achieved from the business, if you just doing a business without a mission or a good mission then you are just doing business for a play.

You have to have some goals which you will work towards while doing business, so you will strive and work hard to get the goals done, if you couldn't meet the goals then you failed doing the business.

You have to make sure you meet your goals and mission and you have to make sure you a striving and working hard towards a good mission and goals and it is a must you complete and reach your goals, so while planning goals you have to out some things into consideration and think we'll, if you later reach you set goals then you set a higher goals which you will meet to become one of the most successful business owners and entrepreneur.

Be professional

You have to be professional in the field of business you find yourself, if you are not professional in your field there is full 90% sure that you fail doing the business because you have no experience you will use to leverage the success of your business.

Being professional doesn't only state you should dress well but it is the ability to take some important responsibility in your business, knows how to solve common problems associated with your business, been able to stand through your business challenges that is what they called professional.

There is some important needs while starting a business which is making research, you have to make a full research of the business you are going into if it is something you can handle, it you could solve some common problem associated with the business, if you found out through your research that you can't handle the business, then don't start because there is 98% chances of falling while doing the business.

Incentives new customers

Incentive new customers might sound new to some people but trust me it is one the best way to make more new customers without looking for them.

Incentive new customers is the act of using your customers you have presently to bring in new customers by promising them something's while they being in another customer and this is where referral starts.

Referral is the same thing as incentive new customers, and it is the act of giving out gift such as money(mostly used), points which will be of benefit to your customers to bring in their friends and family to join your business.

Refferal has been the best way to bring in more customers because everyone likes free thing especially money, so if you used referral program, there is a chances of making more sales because those your customers bring in for you will tends to like your product and buy from you and be your regular customer.

Exceeding customer's expectations

This the act is surprising your customers more that their expect and this is more ways to retain customers, when they buy from you you have to treat them like a king and provide them the best.

Letting your product be their problem solver is one way to exceed customers expect and make them stick with you and love your service you provide. If a customer buys a product from you and uses it and it solves what they want it, they will be happy and want to buy from you other time because they know you will offer the best.

Customer support

Using customers support is very necessary for a business because you customers might have a complain they want to lodge and this is where customers support comes in.

Customer support is those in charge in solving problem that is associated with dealing with your customers and providing a good solution to their problem and this is the best way to deal with your customers.

Your customers support must be superb and not be rude because people who consult your customers support are also humans and won't like you to be rude to them, you have to be loyal and trustworthy and treat your customers like a king.

Once you follow up with your customers problem and help them solve it then people will like your customers support services and feel safe while using your product and buying from you because they know you will help them once they have issues.


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