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how to upgrade your phone android system update

In today's article I am going to walk you through a step by step guide to upgrade your Android phone system in a very simple way.

Some people will be wondering why would you upgrade your phone while it is still working, but there is no big deal in upgrading your android system because updating it regularly makes your phone has a new updates of your phone's company roll out updates.

You don't need any specific or special tools to start updating your phone and start getting new update of your device.

As we all knows that new updates has more advanced and amazing features that can make you enjoy using your Mobile phone.

Android is one the most popular operating system among mobile device and it has about 78% users if people using mobile phone around the world, so it is a great option to update your phone to start enjoying more rolled out updates.

There are many types of Android phones nowadays but the popular ones among them are Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and many others. Note upgrading your phone doesn't mean it is going to change your android version to a higher or lower one but the main purpose is to roll out new updates to your device.

You don't require something much to start upgrading your phone just your Internet connection.

Your phone company is making sure your phone digital ecosystem is user friendly, mobile friendly and they tends to roll out some new updates that will favours their customers and save their customers stress across the globe.

So reading this article doesn't guarantee you of upgrading your android version, RAM, ROM and many other options of your phone unless you root your device, which is very dangerous for phones as it crash during the rooting.

Another warning that might be useful for people is those wo have rooted their mobile device, they may have some challenges while upgrading their phone which may leads to the break down or spoiled completely that won't be able to be repaired.

So if you have rooted your device before you can start backing up your files and important information as it may not be successful while doing it. If you haven't rooted your device nor do any thing that related to tampering with the phone programs then you are 100 percent save to start upgrading your phone without any issue or problem.

Note that you before you have the option of updating your phone you have to make sure your phone the guidelines carefully because this can leads to crash during update due to some certain reason which I leave below.

The company files which they used to operate with all their device create might be different from there own because you have tamper with their program.

Another reason is that each device has its code which they will use to identify the device and they have different files for different codes and if you tamper with your code and the one they have is different from theirs which will lead in different problem and crash the video used to identify each device is called IMEI.

You have to also make sure your phone Battery Level is above 50% because if your device switched off while updating then your lhive is definitely going to crash

I know some could would have think I already wasted some of their precious time but no I didn't because I don't want a situation which you follow my tutorial and it will result in crash or something bad that is why I am sounding the note of warning to you all and make this sinks into your head that this is for educational purposes and not for any other purposes, if you have another intention of doing illegal stuff with this then stop it.

Let start the process of upgrading your phone to its latest update in Avery simple way.

There are two ways to update your phone to the latest version to enjoy new rolled out updates and more which is;

Launcher update

System update

Launcher update is a form of updating it look out to the latest version and this update may change the look of your mobile device completely.

What a launcher? Let me walk you through what a launcher simply means so you won't be new to all what  saying.

A launcher is the app that launch your device and there is no android phone that doesn't has a launcher because it carries a major role in the visibility of the file and layout.

A launcher has many importance, I have walk you through what a launcher means somket me tell you what it works for.

A launcher is simply the major part responsible for the layout of your whole android phone, it is the part that is responsible for the font color, font size, app icon size, app labelling, and app arrange, so I think I have walk you through what a launcher is so lemme tell you how to update it.

To update your launcher you have to update it like any other app by visiting the playstore to update it because it is also an app and many phone company uses different launcher for their brand, XOS is common on Infinix, HIOS is common in Tecno phones and many others have theirs also, so you have to find out which launcher you are using and install any updates.

System update

System update is an act of installing or upgrading your phone and this option is the most dynamic way to update your phone as you can only install a file that is sourceful and provided by your phone producer and mostly your launcher maker.

If you want to upgrade your phone I will recommend this option as it is one of the smoothes way of upgrading your mibike phone and it has two options while updating which is online and local updating.

Online update is the act to use your network to look for and download available updated files for your phone and if it find any updates available it will use your network to download and activate it I your mibike device.

Local update is the act of downloading the file already from the Internet and this is frkmyour phone or launcher maker official website and Install it without the use of internet connection.


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