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how to start a recharge card printing business

Starting a recharge card printing business in Nigeria is probably one of these business to engage into whether you are a part time or full time worker as it doesn't stop you from doing your normal job and it can also be done at your house.

Before you can start a recharge card selling there are something's you have to put into consideration such as capital, but trust me it is one the profitable business you can as over 20 million GSM phones are bought daily in Nigeria and it is very necessary for them to recharge their sim card to reach out to their loved ones or convert it data for internet connection.

Requirements for starting a recharge card busines

There are some tools you have to get before you can engage yourself in recharge card busines such as;


E-pins are electronic pins that are send to your email once you pay for it. These are the pins that are processed to become recharge card since it is not yet processed and and not on hard copies it is E-pins (electronic pins).

Before you can start this business you need an e-pins which is what you will sell so without these e-pins you can't start a recharge card printing business successfully.

Recharge card software

E-pins that are sent to your email are encrypted which means is secure and you can't open until you use a decrypting machine or software to decrypt it befire you can access it.

The software used I decrypting the e-pins is called Netdivo and it is purchased for 9500 naira in their website you can simply search in google Netdivo it will take you to their website where you purchase it.

Once you install these software you will use it to decrypt your pins and access it so you can print it out

Computer or laptop

 A personal computer is very necessary while starting this kind of business and some people has reach out to me that can they start this business with their smartphone but my answer is NO!. Why I said no is that, there is a particular software used while starting these business which can't work on phone.

So you need a computer not laptop to start these business as you will need it while getting your pins, when you want to print and many other options that mobile phones can't offer.


You need a printer to print your pins send to your email which is called e-pins in hard copy.

It is necessary to have this tools because If you don't have these and you you go to a cyber cafe and tell them you want to print your recharge card, he might store it privately or access it without you knowing and sells it before you either sell yours which will leads to loss, so while starting this business you need a printer, it is necessary to have full spec but been able to print black and white is okay.

A4 paper 

A4 paper is used to print the pins on it and later cut and sell in retails so you need a paper to print your pins in hard copy and the most recommended is A4 paper.

What you have to do is you choose A4 paper as your paper size in your editing app and the most used for this job is micro soft software. You will place the e-pins in it to fit very well so when you print it out you will be able to cut and save stress of printing about 50 copies of e-pins separately as you will do it once and save paper.

Internet connection

You need I ternet connection to check your email if your e-pins has been sent and used to decrypt as the decrypting software requires internet connection.

So you merely need an internet connection to check your mail and access the soft ware to decrypt your pins.

USB cable

You need an USB cable to do many things in these business and it is one the most important tools that is required when starting these business.

USB cable is used to connect to the internet, an USB cable is used to share connection from your mobile phone to your personal computer, this is okay to access internet connection when doing these business. To set these up you have to set it from your WLAN or Wi-Fi option to connect to internet through USB cable to share the phone connection with your PC.

You can also use USB cable to connect to the printer in order to print out your pins, nowadays printer uses cable for connecting your PC to your printer without stress and this is recommended while doing these business.


These is one of the most important part while doing these business, if you don't have capital you can't start this business as you are required to buy e-pins which you will process to become recharge card.

For those that doesn't have cash and are willing to start these business you can receive a loan from your bank to start this business but it is no advisable because it is not good to use a loan to start a business but to grow a business because once you use a loan to start a business there is a probability of fallen into loss and problem.

Before you start a business you don't know if the business is going to profitable as you think, or the business is not something you can handle once you know the stress behind the problem, so it is good to save up if you want to start this business, it is one the profitable business to start.

Recharge card printing levels

Based on capital you have to choose the level you have to engage yourself before starting this business and you can always upgrade inches you have enough capital.

Mega level

These are the set of people that purchase their e-pins directly from telecom company and the capital required for this level is 10 million naira.

Recharge wholesalers

These are people who buy from mega level at discount rate and sell, it is also profitable as you make 5N from every 100N card sold from you and you need about 100k to start this level


These are people who buy from wholesalers and resell for who want to use it directly and there is not much profit in this level and they don't require to get or print pins.

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