How to stop pocket dialing on huawei and other phones

How to Stop Pocket Dialing on Huawei and Other Phones

It is a good idea to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones due to its bad habit and smartphones behavior that do what you are not willing to do and this occurs to most people, which their phone will end up dialing a call you want to avoid dialing which will cost you extra fortune charge's so you have to learn How to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones.

Phone is being design to be moderate and being a pocket-size nowadays and which people to put their phone in their pockets or their purse as a female, the most common activity of pocket dialing is your phone been unlocked and this mistake your phone and thinks you are the one operating the one without knowing your phone is pocket dialing. Pocket dialing almost happens to everyone, but we're going to drop a useful guide on how to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones.

Lock your phone

If your phone is locked there is a probability of your phone been being dialing and this tends to reduce the rate of your phone from pocket dialing because if you power off your phone, there is no way your phone will power in itself and start pocket dialing.

Smartphones nowadays comes with an option to auto-lock your phone within a period of time which iPhone is about 30 seconds and android has a large variety of time lapse which you are in full control of it.

To control the full time-lapse of your Android auto-lock you have to make sure the time-lapse is very shorts so if you leave your phone in your pocket or bag, then there won't be any form of pocket dialing.

  1. Move on to your settings, 
  2. Click on display
  3. Then you click Screen lock and choose your time.

This is the best way to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones, and it is better to set the time to be very short like 15 seconds which is very nice for smartphones.

Secure your phone with a security lock

securing your phone is a better way to bypass pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones because if your phone is locked, there is no way your butt can unlock your phone because there is a guide that will not allow it to start misbehaving and securing the phone is a better way nowadays for all phone because but you didn't secure your phone you may be vulnerable to attacks.

Phone still pocket dials itself even though you have a security locks which will end up calling and start misbehaving then you have to worry not, we have a full guide in this which we will drop.

Disable emergency call button on locked screen

Yeah your phone will still dial an emergency number even though your screen is locked which may get you frustrated and the best way to eliminate this is to install a third-party screen locker.

Third-party screen locker removes the emergency button in your lock screen and will end up to make your phone to be in normal state even though it pockets dials because it won't allow it to perform any action. You can search for screen locker on play store and app store as well because it limits how your phone pocket dial.

Off all Screen sensitivity

If your phone has screen sensitivity then you have to power it off because is one the best way on how to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones and there are many types if screen sensitivity which we will be covering all aspects to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones.

Switch off On body detection

This is a setting that almost all android phone has and the main purpose of these is to allow your phone to be unlocked when it is with you, and it detects the owner of the phone and unlock it immediately, and it can unlock a phone if the owner is about 5 meters away from the phone and this is great source of pocket dialing because your phone is with you, and it unlocked your phone and allows your butts to do some certain things which you are not aware which will make you angry at the ends, so if you want to ensure your phone doesn't pocket dial, make sure you off this option in all your phone because it is the best methods on how stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones.

  1. Open your phone's setting
  2. Click on security option
  3. Click on smart lock 
  4. Enter your current screen lock, then click on body detection.
  5. Switch the on body detection off.

Once you switch these settings off,, then there is the probability that your phone won't unlock itself and start misbehaving.

Double tap to wake

This option is common among phone user and I can tell you that your butt can double tap in your phone's screen and make it on and start misbehaving but with our guides on how to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones you will surely learn all possible ways to stop these acts and which double tapping is among.

To stop the double tapping option in your phone, you have to switch it off and let your phone be on only when you press the power button.

  1. Go to your phone system settings
  2. Click on action and gesture
  3. You will see an option for double tapping to wake the screen then you have to toggle it off.

Lift to wake

List to wake is an option that allows your phone to be powered on whenever you lift it and this boost the rate at which your phone pocket dial itself.

One of the best ways on how to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones is to disable the lift to wake option on your phone and to disable it you are going to do three steps.

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Click on display option
  3. You will see an option of lift to wake, and you have to disable this option.

When you disable all the above option in sensitivity option, then you are one steps away from pocket dialing because most phones has touch sensitivity but when's you already disabled the option to be sensitive on touch then you can start pocketing your phone without any pocket dialing.


If you find our article in how to stop pocket dialing on Huawei and other phones then you can drop a comment below and appreciate by sharing the article to people that you think this article will benefit, so they can also save their selves from pocket dialing issues.

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