win back your runaway customer

how to win back your runaway customers

Many business have loses their targeted potential customers due to some mistakes they are not aware of, so if you are one of the person who have loses many potential customers then you have to follow this article so you know how to win back your run away customers and how to retain them so they don't go again.

Understand why they leave 

Understanding why your customers leave your business for another should be your most concerns as you will need to know if there are something you are doing wrong you customers don't like about you,or they don't like the product you are delivering to them.

In order to reach back to your runaway customer you have to their contacts such as phone number or email address, so that is what it is very important for business to collect their customers contacts, the most effective way to do that is to build an email list. Building your email list is not a complicated setup and it is very necessary so your target audience or customers can opt-in their email address to receive updates ansany other content.

If you are one the people who build email list try to make sure you have analytics of whatever you sold m, so this allows you to accountable notes of people who are not active and not buying your products, so once you know them you filter out their contact.

Once you have the contact of your non active customer then you can start asking why your customers are not more buying from you again and tell them if they could still continue with you there are many packages they are to enjoy.

Figure out how to solve the problem

Now that you have reach out to your customers and ask them about their absence on your store then they will surely state what they don't like about your store or about your service rendered.

So since you know where the problems lies you have to find a way to solve the problem,in one way or the other, then when you know the problem and you solve it already then you have to reach how to them that you have something awesome for them and once they see your new update that it matches their requirements they will continue buying for you.

Boost your social presence

You have to active in your social media profile, some come there to report something's they don't like and this where most company get most their sales from so if you are active on your social media.

You will post about new offers and product that will boost their system to buy the product, not all people will visit your website, app or physical shop time to time, people are most seen and active on social media, so once they buy from you you tell them to follow in your social media not to miss any updates from.

By doing these you will have more sales, if you see you are going to get stucked by work you can employ a social media manager to help you manage your social media handles, this will reduce your stress and boost your sales that may other person because they will be perfect in this field and knows how to write sales copy, run ads, and support customer service.

Make a new objective 

You have to make something new to entice them to make them come back to you, this includes creating a coupon free product and many more objective.

Changing your scheme also pertain to this once your customers are complaining that they dint like what you do so what you have to do next is change and adapt to what they like how they want your business to be. 

I know some people will be wonder that they are the CEO of their business so nobody can suggest or tell them to change something's, you have to treat yourself like a customer and put in that consideration while you want to do some certain things and ask yourself, "if am the one will I buy this", once you always put this into consideration then you will find a way to retain customers.

Reach out to them

You have to reach out to your customers one you set another campaign and objective then you will announce your new features and other ways you have improve your business.

Once you do this they will be happy that you are superb, that your take customers consideration and satisfaction first. So this will make them happy that you are best in your field.

Offer them a gift

Always offer your runaway customer that you have discount for them and many other gift like buy two take one for free and this will make them try to give you a last chance and if they found out you have include and exclude some content to match their request then they will be happy and continue to buy from you.

Another best way to offer your customers gift is free shipping, so whatever amount of goods and services they buy they will ship it for free for them to draw their attention and you can set a rule that if a customer buys about two times above a month they will be given a free one time shipping. 

This is pretty cool and make them buy and to make them win your free offer which result to sales and profit to you. And many compa y increase the price of the product to cover their shipping fee so they are still collecting their normal fee without customers knowing.

Guarantee you won't make them mad again

Once you promise your customers that you are sorry for the inconveniences you made them past through and you won't let that happen again.

This is a best apology you sent to your customers when there complain about your product don't be rude to them because they are also human being. Treat them like a king and be sorry for every complain this will make them forget about the past because every customer like a good support from the officials.


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