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  Usable-technologies.com or its contributors will not be liable or responsible for damages of ANY kind, which may directly or indirectly result from the use (proper use or improper) of the information obtained from the usable-technologies website. We or they are not responsible or liable for the content of the websites that are linked to this website, or websites that have advertisements on usable-technologies.com, nor do we endorse any products or treatments recommended by them.

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 1. Disclaimer of Liabilities
Usable-technologies uses all possible means to verify the accuracy of the information published on the usable-technologies website. As such, usable-technologies does not guarantee that all of the information regarding services and products are free from any form of error, which may include typographical errors or certain degrees of inaccuracies, intentional or otherwise. The information presented within the usable-technologies website content is believed to be current and accurate at the time of publishing. The information on this website may be periodically added to and changed, as part of the continuing commitment of usable-technologies to improve the overall quality and relevancy of the website content for the benefit of users.

The information gathered from this website should not be used as a definitive guide for treatment choice, medical/dental practitioner options or medical/dental diagnoses. The information that is published on usable-technologies is aimed at helping the user with their research and decision-making concerning technology, health, products and services.
2.Disclaimer of Warranties
Usable-technologies does not in any way represent the suitability of the doctors or dentists’ services, products, and information presented on this website. Usable-technologies and its suppliers, therefore, disclaim all terms and conditions, as well as warranties, concerning services, products, and information on usable-technologies; the disclaimer includes terms and conditions, implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for any purpose mentioned, non-infringement or titles.
Usable-technologies.com and its contributors do not take responsibility for the products, information, advice or services provided by medical professionals, doctors or dentists, and we, including medical or dentist advisors, will not be liable for any damages or warranties arising from acquiring the said medical or dentists’ products, information, advice, and skincare products
Under no circumstances will usable-technologies.com and/or any of its suppliers be liable for any, special, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages which may arise from being connected with this website. Usable-technologies.com will also not be liable for any inability or delay in the use of this website’s content, which may or may not include information, services, and products that have been acquired through using this website, or may have been obtained based on contract, strict liability, tort or otherwise; the disclaimer is in effect even if usable-technologies and/or any of its suppliers are aware of the possibility of the presence of damages. The liability of usable-technologies and/or its suppliers that results in direct loss from the use of this website, whether based on strict liability, tort or contract or otherwise, will be limited to the transaction’s total value under which the claim results from an event, or from a series of events that are connected.
3. Exclusions and Limitations
Exception to this website’s disclaimer will take effect in the event of death or personal injury, to which no limit is applicable. The liability disclaimer of usabr
Usable-technologies.com will not in any way affect the statutory rights of this website’s readers or users as customers.
Any portion of this website’s terms and conditions that is considered as insupportable or invalid according to applicable laws (including, but not limited to liability limitations and warranty disclaimers) will be overridden by valid and supportable provisions that closely approximate the original goals, which will then continue in effect, in accordance to the existing terms, conditions and provisions.
4.Proprietary Rights and Copyrights
Usable-technologies has ownership of all the proprietary rights and copyrights pertaining to and about this website, as well as the entirety of the website content. As such, no portion of the website (either partly or in its entirety) may be reproduced, adapted, broadcast, copied, displayed, adapted, translated or published in any manner for any other manner unless succinctly and officially acknowledged, authorized and permitted by Healthsoothe.
5. General Information Agreement
The general information agreement that is in effect with the use of this website is in accordance with the laws of Nigeria. As a user of the usable-technologies , therefore, you therefore give your full consent to the Nigeria courts’ exclusive jurisdiction covering all disputes that may result from the use of this website. This general agreement by usable-technologies is in accordance with existing laws and legal procedures, and no part of this agreement is in contradiction to the proper law enforcement requirements and rules – regardless if the information, services or products are actually on the website, linked to the website or acquired by the website for the use of its users.
This general agreement is established to serve as a complete understanding between the website user or reader, and usable-technologies.com itself, and takes over any previous written, oral or electronic communication between the user or reader and usable-technologies.com. A printed or electronic form of this agreement will be admissible in administrative or judicial courses of action which concern this particular agreement, and will be subject to the same provisions as other business records or documents that have previously been maintained and generated in a printed format.
6. Modifications to Website Content
Suggestions for the improvement, amendment or any additions to the content of this website are welcome; if you would like to make suggestions concerning this website’s text content, please send us an email contact us here.
Healthsoothe.com has the sole discretion to make amendments to the notices, terms, and conditions that this website offers.
7. Violations
Usable-technologies reserves the right to remove any information presented in the website content determined to be inappropriate, or in violation of the applicable laws under the law of the federations. Violations may include (but are not limited to) offensive, undocumented, defamatory, pornographic or illegal material. If you come across any portion of the website content that may be classified into the above-mentioned categorical violations, please contact us immediately.


This terms and conditions is subject to change without notice.


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